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    so i am going to start a new blast on monday after a week and a half of cruise and not hitting the gym at all. this would be my 3rd blast and i've made some great strenght gains and good size (went from 65kg to 72kg since january at almost the same bf). ive changed some exercises ive felt i hit plateau and can no longer make strenght gains while most are still here since my first blast.

    hammer incline 15-20rp
    push press 15-20rp
    smith close grip bench press 11-15 rp
    rack chins 11-15rp
    hammer low row 6-8 ss / 9-12ss

    smith decline 15-20rp
    smith front press 11-15rp
    floor skullcrushers 15-30rp
    hammer pulldowns 15-20 rp
    rack deads 6-8 ss / 9-12ss

    smith incline 11-15rp
    hammer shldr press 11-15rp
    seated half press 15-20rp
    neutral grip pulldown 15-20rp
    barbell rows 6-8 ss / 9-12ss

    machine curl 15-20rp
    reverse bb curl 12-15ss
    standing calf raise 12ss
    lying leg curl 20-30rp
    smith squat 4-8 ss / 20+ wm

    spider curl 15-20rp
    preacher hammer curl 12-15ss
    seated calf raise 12ss
    machine kickback (lack of other hams exercise) 15-20rp
    leg press 4-8 ss / 20+ wm

    preacher bb curl 11-15rp
    reverse cable curl 12-15ss
    leg press calf 12ss
    sumo leg press 15-20ss
    hacksquat 4-8 ss / 20+ wm

    i would like to hear some opinions about rep ranges.

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    Rep ranges that I have found worked best for me

    Preacher bb curl 15-30
    Hammer incline 10-15
    Smith decline 10-15
    Hammer pull downs 10-15
    Neutral pull down 10-15

    How are you performing your calf exercises? Also, another for hams over machine kick backs could be a glute ham raise, if you don't have the stand for it you can do them in a cable lat pull down machine and use the attachment to assist you (so you can get better form and more reps) or do them in a seated calf station using a barbell sort of as a Cain to push off of and assist yourself.


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      i used to have those rep ranges in the last two blasts, just want to test how those rep ranges works fr me in certain exercises... probably going to up preacher bb curl and low hammer pulldowns.

      for calves i was doing the 10sec bottom holds each rep but didnt felt them growing so much so probably going to try straight regular sets this time