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    Hi everyone, after an 8 weeks blast in which ive seen incredible strenght gains and some good mass gains (last time i checked was 6 pounds gained already while feel leaner) I've got the flu so i decided to take a break and cruise so I can fully recover from the flu and the last blast. I plan to do a 9 days cruise (1 full week + this weekend completely off) but I have a question... when I get back to the gym to do another blast should I start with the weight I left from the last blast or like I ve read in the past 90 percent of the weights I did in the end of the last blast?? after a full week off I shouldnt lose strenght thats the reason for my question. thanks everyone

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    from Dante:

    " Either way you must cruise sometime and if you dont, I promise you--you will stagnate. Ok this is where some people are getting confused--at the end of the cruising point. Whenever you start a new blasting you shouldn't look at the old blasting logbook and try to beat the last blasting ending weights. Just do this--do your best and wing it and set all new baselines to destroy. Push hard but dont live and die by the last blastings numbers--set new ones and destroy them. Your new baselines might be past your last blasting poundages or it might be slightly less--regardless just do your best you can over the first 6 workouts setting new baselines. Start off with extreme stretching slow the first week back too. You will see that at the end of every blasting you most definitely will be ahead of any weights you ever did for an exercise in a previous blasting. For enhanced guys this is important because it will take about a week to 10 days to get super supplements levels in the body up to par and your first two or three workouts during a blasting might be a little subpar in poundage than previous--no worries youll be way past it in the end. For natural guys I dont want the selfdoubt or pressure on them if their blasting starts off slightly less than their last previous blasting left off. Just do your best to accelerate up thru the poundages over the first 7-10 days and get your body acclimated again after the 2 week cruise to extreme stretching and heavier weights etc etc etc. Another thing--during the cruises is the time you do straight sets with less intensity but most importantly its the time you experiment with some other exercises you might want to try out in a future blasting. Remember I want people switching exercises whenever you reach a strength plateau or your unable to a do an exercise safely any more. And then you take the new exercise and brutalize it and destroy it. Thats constant progression. You dont want to be sitting there using the same weights weeks on end or beating a rep every 2 months--CHANGE THE EXERCISE and come back to it at a later date. Again youll see that youll end up using more weight on it than you ever previously did. You want to have other exercises available to you that are productive at any stagnation point so make sure you have some ideas that you gathered during your cruises. Alot of my trainees look at machines like they are the antichrist. Screw that--use that machine like a compound exercise and destroy it. If you try out a selectorized plate stacked incline chest machine during one of your cruises and it seems worthy thats what you switch to for chest when you stagnate on something else for chest. Its the same principle, get in there and bomb away at it. That weight stack is your first competition. After you beat that you start hanging dumbells off the weight stack with a chain and cliphook (Home Depot). I have a paramount lat pulldown machine and i love that thing. I am extremely strong on back movements and this weight stack only goes up to 250lbs (which becomes my second warmup set) --i chain a 130lb dumbell (currently)to that stack and bomb away on it for my main rest pause set for 11-15 reps. Beat the weight stack first and then go to war with the dumbell rack. Your gym might not like it much but thats their fault for not getting weight stacks that can keep up with all members strength levels. Everything is done in a controlled negative and steadily accelerated positive so its not like I'm (or you) banging the machine around trying to damage it.
    Ive had a couple guys now that came to me for personal training who ended up getting pissed at me when I told them their current training situation wouldnt work and Im going to have to pass on training them. Some people have home gyms and thats fine if its well stocked. But some guys are telling me they can only do squats and stiff legged deads for quads and hams because they dont have machines or they are limited in all exercises because all they have is a bench, power cage and dumbell setup. Thats not going to work for what we are trying to do. What exercise are you going to be able to switch to when you stagnate? If you give me a limited number of exercises then Im going to be limited in what I can do with you. Constant progression using variation is what we are going after. Again its fine if you have a well stocked home gym--but if you dont have one-invest in yourself and get a very well stocked gym membership"
    ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
    Good luck




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      thanks for the quote man, I've read that quote some time ago haha just forgot the exact words and wanted to know ur experiences