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Gohan: DC training -1st split. critique plz

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  • Gohan: DC training -1st split. critique plz

    I have been using mostly 5/3/1 and slowly want to move into a more bodybuilding focused program.

    I did a transition program to move from 5/3/1 to the DC style rest pause program.

    Can someone please critique my schedule? I am still reading through all the stickies and other threads. I'm sure this will require some changes although I have tried following as many principles as possible.

    Thank you.

    BB Bench Press 8-10
    DB Overhead -unilateral*15-20
    CGBP Reverse Grip 15-20
    Lat pulldowns Broad 15-20
    Bent O Row 8-10
    *BB Bench press: I do this with a nice hip up, pushing with my legs position.

    Ez Curls 15-20
    DB hammer curls 15-20
    Seated calf 10-15
    Leg curls 15-20
    Squats 8-10
    Db Side bends

    Decline BB press 15-20
    Military Press 8-10
    JM press 25-30
    Pull ups

    Standing Calf 10-15
    Sumo deadlift 8-10
    DB curls DC 15-20
    Rope Hammer Preacher curls 15-20
    Rev crunches

    Incline Db- 15-20
    Cable Lateral raises 15-20
    CGBP- HS Incline 15-20
    Lat pulldowns V grip 15-20
    Supported row 15-20

    Cable curls 15-20
    Hammer Rope cable 15-20
    Leg press calf*15-20
    Leg Press 15-20
    Unilateral leg curls 15-20
    Twisting Crunches*

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    Originally posted by Gohan View Post

    BB Bench Press 8-10
    Not to be an ass or anything but.. are you trolling? First DC routine and your putting BB Bench press as #1? Assuming this is flat bench. They are going to eat you up!


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      Oh no! No trolling. I know traditional BB Bench presses are not encouraged. I have read though that Dante is fine with pressing more like a powerlifter, which is what I do. Hips way up- the position resembles kind of like a semi decline position.


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        I started off by critiquing some of the movements you plan on using and then realized that you really need to go through and read a bit more. Not trying to come across as an ass, but I think if you keep reading and re-reading the info here, you will be much better off in the long run. Hell, I keep going back and reading over the info again and still find little pieces of info that I've missed.
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          Originally posted by Gohan View Post

          BB Bench Press 8-10 Id be Leary of this movement esp in such a low rep range it's not reccomended as the potential for a tear is very high but if you insist I wouldnt do less than 15-20 or 20-30 RP see bottom for more

          DB Overhead -unilateral*15-20-You may be stronger doing these bilateral could be more consistent with rest periods also the rep range should be 20-30 for dumbbells typically prescribed for dc training

          CGBP Reverse Grip 15-20 rest paused?

          Lat pulldowns Broad 15-20 again I'm assuming these are rest paused

          Bent O Row 8-10 also here add a second set of 12-15 a d jus do 2 straight sets for back safety

          *BB Bench press: I do this with a nice hip up, pushing with my legs position.
          I understand and will only caution you that going with dumbbells might be better and less risky from a tear standpoint

          Ez Curls 15-20 these are rp reps here?

          DB hammer curls 15-20 this would be a straight set?

          Seated calf 10-15 (with the dc protocol 15 sec stretch 5 sec neg go all way up on toe)

          Leg curls 15-20 rest paused?

          Squats 8-10 + one straight set of a widowmaker of 20 reps
          Db Side bends

          Decline BB press 15-20- good use of different rep ranges

          Military Press 8-10 go with 11-15 total rest paused reps

          JM press 25-30- good range here for elbow health

          Pull ups there is no range listed these are a bitch to progress on... Have u considered rack chins in this spot go... Search it and when you can knock out 30 w bw add wt to your lap and
          And go with 11-15 rp after last loop do 15-30 partials

          Prolly didn't mean to but here there is no back thickness movement
          Being that squats were wed a dbell row or a supported row machine would be good here for the dbells do like 4-6 and 8-12 straight sets you can rest pause the hammer machines if you like pick... Maybe throw like a 20-30 rp on a hammer row for variety sake and the ability to have some diff muscle activation

          Standing Calf 10-15 acceptable but somewhat difficult to use enhance stretch on
          May search what dante had people do for standing raises or maybe a member will chime in

          Sumo deadlift 8-10 to each there own maybe consider sumo leg press???? although I see coming from 5/3/1 you want to keep pieces in there to progress and its your blast

          DB curls DC 15-20 rest paused correct?

          Rope Hammer Preacher curls 15-20 for straight set...if you want but pinwheels or one arm reverse cable curls will trump these imho also dante has a video about the one arm reverses
          Rev crunches

          On this rotation there was no quad movement in wake other fact that you wanna pull sumo Id suggest a back squat or a different leg press if your gym has good variet as your back will be thrashed... You may consider a smythe squat to and jus pull after your squats
          Also the order should always be bis, forearms, calves, hams, quads(barring if your using a deadlift variation for hams hat may affect quads them do the hams last)

          Incline Db- 15-20-again typically better to roll with 20-30 on dumbbell movements as they can be AKWARD when fatigue sets in trying to get a single or double

          Cable Lateral raises 15-20 I personally think (and I would venture many here) would say this is a poor poor choice.... you'd be better served if you wished to hammer the side delts to perform a wide grip upright row dante has a vid of that round here too... I find for my shoulders the 20 -30 get it done with less niggling pain that upright rows can inflict occasionally in the rc region

          CGBP- HS Incline 15-20 maybe do these like dave tate in a smythe rack and let your rest pause totals be in the 11-15 as he has stated (tate) they will markedly help your bench

          Lat pulldowns V grip 15-20 rest paused?

          Supported row 15-20 these again can be rest paused

          Cable curls 15-20 here would be a good op to use a wide grip and crank the total rest paused reps to 20-30 and curl to the forehead wojo has a good video on these

          Hammer Rope cable 15-20 again here Id say go with pinwheels if you didn't before if you did go with one are cables
          Leg press calf*15-20 using dc protocol no issue here good call

          Leg Press try 8-12 and 20+

          Unilateral leg curls 15-20 reverse the order of the curls let your rep range be 20-25 for variety said and go back to back
          Twisting Crunches*
          I strongly advise you to drop the barbell press
          These are some opinions based on what you have me and my opinion so take them for what they are worth
          Sorry I don't post as much as I use to or I prolly woulda jumped in early
          Please let us know your thoughts and if you need any more help
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            Comments and sug are above

            No lie bb press is a bitch to tight tick your self in rest pause and is taxing and any little form niggle could suck badly
            If u Insist do 15-25 rp range and stop at the first sign something is jacked up pleeaaaasss!!!!
            def re read so you understand the difference between rest paused rp
            And ss for safety reasons

            I think many of us would like to see your nutriton also to help there if you'd like

            What's the goal of this blast

            Why did you choose dc?

            Welcome to im brother I was t trying to com off a know it all I jus been clueless dude that gotta a lot of help and jus wanted to pay it forward

            At the very least they'll rip mine apart and YOULL be on your way lol
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            I see you didn't take a s#!t before deadlifting....
            I too like to live dangerously


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              @thundergod, @Dc_catholic315:
              Thanks for the reply guys. No you are right. I still need more reading. And that's what I have been doing.

              Thank you very much for the suggestions. Am going through them now.

              Goal for this blast:
              I want to look like someone who lifts!!!! At this point not even be motherfucking huge or anything...just slightly bigger in the right places.

              I currently lift 3.5, 2+, 4.5 plates in the Squat, Bench, Deadlift.
              Relatively decent hypertrophy in the legs, back thickness area but no arms, shoulder width or a V taper. Mr.Potato head!
              What I liked most about DC is that I could still maintain my focus (strength, progressive heavier poundage) and still get good aesthetics.
              I am now doing direct work for my arms (gasp!) , doing cardio etc...
              It's working little by little. I have received more compliments in the past 3-4 weeks than I have in the past few years.

              Still working out the kinks.


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                Why not stick to 5/3/1 but for assistance work, do hypertrophy-focused things for the things you want to bring up? In all likelihood that will get you better results than DC will at this point in your lifting career.
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                  Originally posted by Sammich View Post
                  Why not stick to 5/3/1 but for assistance work, do hypertrophy-focused things for the things you want to bring up? In all likelihood that will get you better results than DC will at this point in your lifting career.
                  ^^Exactly what I was thinking.

                  Keep hitting the 3 main PL'ing lifts for strength gains. Then focus on Hypertrophy on the accessory work. But, don't over do the accessory work or recovery could be a bitch.
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                    5/3/1 rocks! I'll give you that.
                    But I need a complete system in place. With 5/3/1 my problem was very often I used to focus only on the main lifts and little importance for the accessory lifts.
                    With this kind of training focus, I find myself to be strong in the lifts I practice..but weak in everything else.

                    I want to be genuinely strong all around. Not jut be able to lit high numbers in some lifts I specialize on.
                    Also I like the current way of High Intensity with Low Volume and High Frequency.
                    Low volume is really good. Never been able to get into any kind of high volume programs!


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                      It's recommended that before you start DC Training that you take two weeks off of any lifting whatsoever.

                      The strength gains are crazy. As well as size gains if you eat enough.

                      Welcome to the Pound!
                      ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
                      Good luck


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