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  • Q About Rest Paused Legs

    Before I start the question I should make it quite clear that I have NO intention of doing this, its simply a curiosity of mine that I've had for some time about DC and dont ever recall hearing about this. This is simply an attempt for me to further my understanding of the training program.

    I know that for certain exercises RP sets are not recommended because of issues like low back fatigue, safety, etc... and WM or SS style sets are the recommendation.

    But for something like a leg press or a Hack Squat where your low back isn't necessarily at risk as much as a free squat, what is the reasoning for the WM style sets over the RP? Is there any reason aside from "Dante tried everything and found that those style sets worked best." ?

    Again... I have NO intention of doing this, its purely to further my knowledge.

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    I certainly can't answer for a DC pro, but in my experience, the legs have a work capacity that far outweighs other body parts. I mean that you can push them much further than other body parts, at the expense of not being able to attack them again as quickly.

    So that if you truly take a leg exercise to failure, there is essentially no physical way you're going to be able to take 10-15 deep breaths and then grind out another failure set. Now what I have been playing with the past few months is following Scott's mention of discontinuous sets, which is basically rest-pause with only one, final, failure point. I find that to work very, very well, but that's also not at all DC training.
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      Thanks Sammich... That idea actually makes complete sense, plus the legs exercises really are a full body assualt more so than the other exercises.