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Why Progression High Volume Never Worked For Me!

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  • Why Progression High Volume Never Worked For Me!


    What i and many of my friends struggled with for yrs while adopting the high volume workout of the month from our favorite magazine was progression. Seems simple in theory right? Add some damn weight to the bar each workout.

    We had good intentions, we tried hard but struggled and fizzled out fast. Ramping up in weights busting your butt on ever set of a ramp up of 3 to 4 progressively heavier sets of 3 to 4 exercises made progression baffling to us.
    Do you bump up weights each set of 4 different exercises? We certainly tried, when we did we obviously were beat a few sets in !! This lead to many discouraging days. Why couldn't we progress like Arnold and company? I struggled with this for yrs and yrs and assuming some others here did as well.

    This is why i find DC refreshing, hard as hell physically but mentally it is SIMPLE!! Dante makes the concept of progression SIMPLE!!! And it seems all big dudes agree on one thing: PROGRESSION!!

    Warming up to a top set per say for a balls to the wall RP just seems to make sense! It is almost like for the first time in ten yrs i saw the light and a way to progress.

    Sorry for rambling but i know i struggled with the simple progression concept for yrs probably over trained as a result and i see dozens in the gym doing the same.

    I hope perhaps a newbie reads this and considers DC training based on this high volume struggle i went through for yrs.

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    Most people start off with more volume than necessary when beginning training because of the type of workouts advertised in bodybuilding media.

    It's great that DC is working for you, but remember to only advocate it for people who have at least three years under their belt and a solid strength foundation.

    You mentioned Arnold, but don't forget that before his huge volume days he was a power lifter.


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      I just find the no nonsense simplicity of DC to be terrific. Even if you bypass DC the philosophy if carried over to a different program is what matters. Lots of effective programs but Dante's philosophies are what i think counts.