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30% BF too high to start DC?

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  • 30% BF too high to start DC?


    I am currently taking a break from powerlifting to focus on more physique oriented goals.

    I am a 280lb powerlifter with 30% body fat (thats only approximated) who has totalled 1607 raw (belt only) and drug tested.

    I have been using a custom diet from a well known diet coach and it has been working well with a slow recomp (heavy on pre intra and post nutrition) that has changed the look of my body a lot. Its also really easy to stick to.

    My previous program had no hypertrophy stuff, so I am sure bodybuilding style training would be more effective with the diet...also I never used to do cardio.


    I really like the sound of DC, pushing numbers and reps, but my concern is I am too fat to start.

    I was just going to do the 2 way split and add cardio as recommended and let the diet do the work.

    Or would it be recommended to lighten up the load (ie higher reps) and focus more on cardio......

    or leave it for a few months till I am leaner?


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    I would ask the coach who set up the diet: Diet, training and supplementation go hand in hand.

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    The Book Has Arrived!

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      I would think at 30% you could have a fairly high cal diet , still drop lbs, and progress on lifts. DC is often not reccomended for people prepping for a show or on low cal diets, I don't think this really applies to you but that's very individualistic. Again it's individualistic, and coming from powerlifting im sure your pushing big weights, which could make it harder to progress while dropping lbs. Like scott said talk to your coach, im sure he has better answers