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My First DC Blast! Input needed!

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  • My First DC Blast! Input needed!

    Hey guys looking to try out DC for the first time within the next month. I. Currently using a mountain dog program from John meadows (high volume)

    6 ft 220lbs 14% bf (got a dbol bloat going on lol)
    Training for over 10 years
    Ex d-1aa fullback.

    Macros: 320 protein, 500 carbs, 90 fat. On training days

    I'm looking for some feed back on my program!

    Day 1 (Sunday)
    DB bench press- 11-15 rp
    Smith shoulder press 11-15 rp
    Weighted Dips 11-15 rp
    Rack deads 6-10 6-10
    Pull - ups 11-15 rp

    Day 2 (Tuesday)
    Machine preacher curl 15-20rp
    DB Hammer curls 15-20rp
    Smith machine calf raise
    Lying leg curl - 11-15rp
    Smith squat - widowmaker after 6-8

    Day 3 (Thursday)
    Smith incline press 11-15rp
    Upright row 15-20 rp
    Lying ext 15 -20 rp
    DB row 8-12 8-12
    Close grip pull down 15-20 rp

    Day 1 (Sunday)
    DB curl 15-20 rp
    Reverse grip cable curl 15-20rp
    Hack calf raise
    Seated leg curl 15-20 rp
    Leg press - widowmaker after 6-8

    Day 2 (Tuesday)
    Decline BB press 11-15rp
    Hammer strength shoulder press 11-15rp
    Smith close grip bench 11-15rp
    Chest supported hammer strength row 15-20rp
    Wide grip lat pull. 11-15rp

    Day 3 (Thursday)
    Cable curl 15-20 rp
    Cross body hammers 15-20rp
    Seated calf raise
    Standing leg curl 11-15rp
    Hack squat- widowmaker after 6-8

    I will keep a log book and try to beat my previous reps or add more weight each workout.

    How does this look?

    Any advice would be great!!

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    Back width comes before back thickness. Quads are 2 sets + window, maybe like 6-8 reps then 10-12 reps, then 20 rep window. If you can just stick to doing your window on the leg press for now. Not sure is forearms can be RP, I usually do them SS in the 12-20 rep range when my RP sets are in the 8-15 rep range.

    Don't forget your extreme stretches. Bicep stretch is done after forearms, back stretch is done after both back exercises. Since this is your first blast you won't have to worry about a calf stretch because you should be doing the enhanced negatives. Chest, shoulders, triceps, hamstrings, and quads are each done right after the last set. If you must do another 15-20 deep breaths so you can hold those stretches long. Holding the stretches is the most important thing. At least 60 seconds, then push up to 90.

    What about BB curls (compound) instead of cable curls (isolation)? T-bar rows with v-grips (compound) instead of DB rows (isolation)? BB wrist curls instead of reverse cable curls.

    I like to keep all my RP sets the same, for example previously I would do all 11-15 reps on all RP sets.

    For the 2 day split I think you still need a A3 and B3, as well as your alternates to swap in. Sorry it's been a while since I've done the 2 way split, and I don't have my old logs in front of me at the moment.

    Just my thoughts on it, have fun! What are you hoping to get out of your first blast, 6-7 weeks then 2 week cruise? Eat big! Proteins, carbs, then veggies lol! No carbs past 6pm. I suggest you buy the DVD w/ Wojo as well. I think I heard a rumor of Dusty coming out with one as well, don't know for sure on that though.
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      Thanks bro

      I knew I forgot something.... Yea ill do the extreme stretching post muscle group.

      I have a bad shoulder and with bb curls my right arm always seems to take over.

      I like ur idea on the t bar rows. (Forgot about them).

      Yea bro I'm gonna blast for at least 6 weeks and see how my body feels. Then deload.


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        I guess you didnt read the stickies? Not even this one:

        Should put this/get thread moved to the puppy pound.

        There is alot wrong here. I am not going to go into too much detail until you read a stickie especially the one i posted.

        For example...straight set forearms.
        Nearly all your rep ranges are the same for each bodypart..variety
        As the lad above said, back width before back thickness.
        (Bte just to clarify you dont ever do a calve stretch with DC IF you are doing 10-12 ss with super slow negative and 15sec hold in the stretched poilsition....if you do, goodbye achilies tendon.

        Anyway thats just the start, go read the stickies for the back and lets see what you learned.


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          I read all the stickies but forgot a lot of shit. I'm gonna have to write some shit down before I post.

          I'll put something new up by the end of the day


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            Ok guys so after re reading everything and taking ur adivce. I made some changes.

            Flat smith machine press- 11-15 rp
            Hammer strength shoulder press - 15 -20rp
            (Stretch chest/delts)
            Weighted Dips - 15-20rp (stretch tricpes)
            Pull up - 11-15rp
            Rack Deadlift - 6-10 6-10
            (Stretch back)

            Day 2
            Barbell curl w/ fat grips - 15-20 rp
            Reverse cable curl - SS 10-15 10-15
            (Stretch biceps / forearms)
            Smith machine calf raise
            Lying leg curl - 11-15rp (stretch hams)
            Smith squat - 6-8, 8-12, widowmaker (stretch quads)

            Smith incline press - 11-15rp
            Up right row- 15-20 rp
            (Stretch chest/delts)
            1 DB overhead ext - 20-30 rp (stretch tricpes)
            Weighted chin up - 15-20rp
            T bar row - 10-12 10-12
            (Stretch back)

            Machine preacher 15-20 rp
            Hammer curls 10-15, 10-15
            (Stretch biceps / forearms)
            Hack calf raise
            Seated leg curls - 15-20rp (stretch hams)
            Leg press - 6-8. 10-12, widowmaker (stretch quads)

            Day 2
            Decline press 15-20rp
            Smithe machine shoulder press 15-20rp
            Close grip smith bench - 15-20rp
            Wide grip lat pull - 11-15rp
            Chest supported row - 15-20 rp

            Cable curl -20-30 rp
            Cross body hammer- 15-20 15-20 SS
            Seated callfs
            Standing leg curl - 11-15rp
            Hack squat - 10-12 12-15. Widowmaker


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              Quads are 2 sets. 6-10 + widowmaker. Deadlifts are 6-9 + 9-12 SS.

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                Originally posted by Ihaanator View Post
                Quads are 2 sets. 6-10 + widowmaker. Deadlifts are 6-9 + 9-12 SS.

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                Actually if you have quads that need to catch up in development asap, then doing 3 sets (4-8 , 9-12 and 20) is what is recommended by the big man himself.

                Like I said, before, this won't get many replies in the DOGGPOUND, and should be requested to be moved to the puppy pound forum.


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                  Yeah typically the quads is done in 2 sets. ss 6-10 and then wm 20. Since doing this was really taxing my knees Dante suggested i do 2 sets and a wm at higher reps. I do these at ss 10-12 and 15-18. Then a wm on anything except barbell squats. ( at 270+lbs breathing for high rep barbell squats is more of a challenge than squatting itself.)


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                    thanks guys…… I'm pumped to start but I'm very nervous about only lifting 3 days a week. i have always been a 5 day week high volume guy!!!

                    thanks for the help


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                      I thought the same about the volume... But it's amazing how much more intensity you can put into your lifts like this, and how much stronger you get!