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    Just came back from a Peroneal tendon subluxation and a torn retinaculum repair so for about 6 months one of my calves looked like it belonged to a 12 yr old boy while the the other was on full DC mode. Has anyone experienced this injury before and if so how long did it take you to get both legs back to DC status (it should be noted that my injury wasn't caused by incorrect form in a lift or anything like that, I cut a little faster then my frame could take and pop went the weasel damn turf monsters). Right now im sitting at 230 but my legs could use some beefing up since I've only been doing PT my D-lifts down to 505 and my squats down to 395 (10 rep max) and I stopped benching years ago so who knows what that is. Should I go back full bore into DC or should I strength train first. Please don't do the if you know your body response, I'm pretty well versed in the anatomy of me probably more in touch since PT im just trying to grab a general consensus before I make the ultimate decision. Either way its balls to grass, knuckles to concrete training from here out. :peace:

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    If it were me I would do something a little less intense than DC to get things going again. I like your idea of strength training for a bit, then whenever you feel like your good to go hit DC like a hurricane and tear it up!
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