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Introducing myself, hoping for help

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  • Introducing myself, hoping for help

    Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself to get a better help. (Thabks to TLopez for this advice!)

    1. Stats- Age 21, Height 170cm, Weight 90kg, Years of Training Experience 5.

    2. Best Lifts- Bench 110kg flat (130 decline), Squat 140kg, Deadlift 120kg (hands open up, can't hold), Overhead Presses (machine) 85kg.

    (started to squat and Deadlift about 6 weeks ago.. that's why I don't get that much)

    3. Types of Past Training . I just changed my exercises (every 4-8 weeks) and had no real training types.. Just tried to max weight 6-10 reps.

    4. Goals you want to achieve.
    A. Weight you want to be. About 100kg w/o much Fat (around 10% Bf)
    B. Lifts you want to reach. No target lifts. Just want to be one of the big guys.
    C. Step on stage. Not at the moment.

    5. What Training Method you are going to use now.
    A. Just started DC (3rd workout today)

    5. Diet
    In full Detail, lay out your diet plan.

    Meal 1 (10 am)- 85 g Protein, 70 g Carbs, 17 g Fat
    Meal 2 (12 am)- 39 g Protein, 77 g Carbs, 11 g Fat
    Meal 3 (2 pm)- 70 g Protein, 93 g Carbs, 5 g Fat
    Pre W/O- 10 g BCAA's, 0 g Carbs, 0 g Fat
    Gym (4 pm)
    Post w/o- 33 g Protein, 33 g Carbs, 2 g Fat
    Meal 4 (7 pm) 70 g Protein, 93 g Carbs, 5 g Fat
    Meal 5 (9 pm)- 39 g Protein, 77 g Carbs, 11 g Fat
    Meal 6 (Bed ) 55 g Protein, 10 g Carbs, 30 g Fat

    6. List your Supplements
    Creatine 7g on free days. 14g on training days
    10 grams BCAA's before workout
    10 grams Glutamine after workout
    10 grams Glutamine pre Bed
    40 grams Scitec Whey isolate PWO

    Any suggestions, help, advice to achieve my goal would be nice.


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    Honestly, I think 5x5 would be great for you.


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      Originally posted by martin_h View Post
      Honestly, I think 5x5 would be great for you.
      Ok and could you explain why? :-)

      Any other opinions so far?


      Swiftkey flowed from my EndeavorU running Maximus 21


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        Read this:

        and this:

        (Note to Skip : Please unlink these sites if inappropriate)

        My reasons are:

        DC works best when you are already a strong Mofo.
        You have asked how long to breath during the 15 breaths
        You have believed you don't get a pump during DC
        You asked this : Did my second DC workout now, took 120kg squats for 6-10 reps (got 8).
        Paused bout 3 min and tried to do Widowmaker with 100kg. Did a bit too less pause and only got 18 reps (almost can't hang in weight in rack)... I failed. What will I do next squat workout? Less weight or change exercise?

        Because Sammich said so
        You have done/do this : I just changed my exercises (every 4-8 weeks) and had no real training types.. Just tried to max weight 6-10 reps.
        Your creatine is far too high..14g on training days. For what purpose!?
        Because of this: started to squat and Deadlift about 6 weeks ago

        I am really not trying to be a smart ar$e or put you down. I am not better than you or anybody here, I am trying to tell you what you (in my opinion) need to hear.

        5x5 will get you strong and strong pretty darn fast. That will transfer over well for DC in the future. It will also get you used to lifting real heavy on the compounds and not skipping them because they are difficult/hard.

        All in all, from your posts, you don't look like you have the necessary experience and patience for DC to work for you. There are other programs that will work better for you at this time. DC is all out/Balls to the wall training, you must give EVERYTHING to EVERY dc workout. You must push yourself to beating the log book EVERY workout. You will be eating yourself silly and doing cardio to keep body fat in check.
        It is mentally/physically demanding and I dont see that you are ready for that in your posts. Why? Because there WILL be a time in the future when you are stuck will an exercise or havent progressed for whatever reason and it takes somebody with years of training/dieting experience to objectivly figure out why (based on all their experiences gained from different training routines/diets etc) and how to fix it.

        DO you think you have all that right now? If you think you do, more power to you my friend, I wish you all the best.

        But I think you won't get the results you are expecting from DC, Burn yourself out and go back to square one and won't know what the fck to do.

        Best of luck dude.


        Edit: I am no expert by any means. Not even close. I am just giving my opinion. Maybe Homon/Mental/Sammich et al can contribute.
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          Sorry I wanted to create a journal.. Did not know how.

          Thanks for the advice Martin. I'm unsure what to do now :-\ :-P


          Swiftkey flowed from my EndeavorU running Maximus 21


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            Do what you feel will work for you. But make that choice logically.

            Let me put it this way: if you were ready for DC you wouldnt even need to ask the questions you have asked. You would know the answers already and you would have the whole program laid out (periodization) and your objectives for the year ahead and goals for that matter.
            It seems that you have stumbled onto DC and because alot of people have said it works fast, you have gotten really excited and thought, shit i want me some of that. Instead of taking a stwp back, reading all the stickies 4/5 times and having the balls to admit to yourself if you are ready or not.

            Do what ever you like my friend. Just be aware that you might not get the results you think DC can give you..if that turns out to be the case: you failed yourself..DC didnt fail you.

            Enjoy the weekend dude


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              P s. The people that DC has worked best for are the ones that have been moving heavy weights for years and know there way around a gym and to think logically about their diet and training. I think people fail to make that connection most of the time.


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                I am going to have to go with what Martin has said above. DC is really taxing even when you are a well seasoned, diet on point, strong arse mofo. I am not advanced enough or strong enough to get anything out of it, although I love RP and extreme stretching. So there is no reason you can't incorporate some of Dante's principles into your training.

                There are 1000001 ways you could train. Skip's Push/Legs/Pull, Mon/Wed/Fri works very well. 6-12 reps straight sets. Maybe higher for legs. Keep it simple man. Lots of ways to train. But, DC is exceptionally advanced.

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