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  • Question about weights used

    I'm wondering what weights to use when starting DC. For instance, I'm doing incline smith press would I use something close to my 5RM or more towards my 10RM. I understand the RP principel thus it would make more sense to use higher weights in order to get 6-8 reps in then rest and keep going and so on.

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    Read all the DC stickies?!?!
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      Yes and that is why I'm asking because I'm not sure.


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        Just use a lighter weight...whatever your 10RM is. From there just bang it out and adjust the weights accordingly. ALWAYS GO TO FAILURE. Even if you think you way overshot your reps...this way when you look back you can better gauge which weight to use next time. Your first month should be a learning process then from there it better be Crazy Town, Population: You.

        Think about it...if you use your 5RM. Your first set's gonna be 5 reps. What do you think your 2nd and 3rd RP sets are gonna be? 2? then maybe 1? You're at 8 total RP reps; should be at least 11.

        As far as progression after what I call "The Learning Month", the general consensus is whatever your weight is at the 11RP is to get as many reps until 15RP, THEN bump up the weight.

        But, from my personal experience, I've found certain movements lend themselves better at the 11RP or 15RP or sometimes higher. It might be my joints or I'm just a fat ol' pussy, but all my pushing I need to keep at 15RP or higher so I maneuver my progression better. My pulling is fine and like to keep at the 11RP or 6-8/9-12 straight sets.

        Remember, the key facet is progression in the RP fashion. Don't get bogged down by the ranges so much. BUT, if you set your range super low...good luck progressing. If your is range too high...slap yourself because you're taking it too easy (unless you have an inclination towards some injury). 11-15RP seems to be the sweet spot for most.

        Let us know how it goes!
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          Sounds good ! Thanks a lot ! I'll be logging my DC cycle eventually.