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  • Rest day macros

    Hey IM

    Im 2 weeks in dc and Had a question about rest day diet im 278 lbs and training days I eat 400g carbs, 350 protien, 100 fat and gaining strength at a steady rate.

    What are the macros for rest days?

    Thanks for any help

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    What are your goals? Size at any cost? Get sub 5% ripped bodyfat?


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      I've been wondering the same thing lately, since I'm on my first official cut... and by official I mean actually counting calories. I am not doing DC but on training days, at 235 lbs, I'm taking in about 270g protein, 205g carbs, and ~80g fat. On rest days, I'm not really sure how the macros should differ... was thinking some fruit in the morning, and then maybe a serving of starch at night to help me sleep, and just upping my fat intake to make up for the other calories from less carbs.


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        Yeah I thought upping fats on iff days to help regulate fat storage and carb sensitivity and adding an oat shake (50 carbs) around workout extra.

        Not sure if its right thing to do but just a thought


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          There isn't a set of "macros" for DC training rest day that I'm aware of, other than the recommended fasted cardio in the morning, still eating approximately two grams of protein per pound, generally alternating pro/carb and pro/fat/veggie meals while eating enough carbs to satisfy your hunger and having a carb cutoff at 6:00 pm. However, I'll gladly defer to Homon.. or Mental Flex who can probably shed greater light on this....


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            go and experiment is the best advice as many variables are at work and its not easy to do guess work and give you a cookie cutter approach.

            Its will take a little time to find whats right at your weight now and as you drop the weight the macros will change again and its up to you to see whats going on.

            Failing that, hire skip or homon..sure as hell wish i could. save you alot of time and effort.
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              Still I ask man, what's your goal. Did you want to maintain leanness, get leaner or just want to grow as brutally fast as possible?


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                Nice thread thanks !