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    Hello. I have been floating around the forums for 2 weeks now and have come to the conclusion I am not ready for DC at all. I have learned a lot and respect what you guys are doing. That being said outright i am lost. I am getting back into lifting after a few years of gluttony. I am 195lbs. 5'8" 27 years old and around the 20% bf range. Can anyone guide me to somewhere I can get some no bullshit info on a program that can help me put on some size and reduce my gut?

    Thanks in advance,

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    There is some great info on getting started in the stickies. Check out the thread started by bigdownunder here:

    There are many options for you depending on your background and what has worked for you. You can try a 5x5 program, Wendler's 5/3/1, a high frequency program, something like Layne Norton's PHAT system...there are some good ones out there. You can also browse through some journals and see what other's have done successfully.

    For the most part, fat loss is going to come from diet and cardio and training heavy is going to expend a lot of calories by itself.
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    Stickies...just read the damn stickies...

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      What you need at the moment is to build good habits, come up with something you like and stick to it for three months. Forget about sets and reps just be consistent. If you Overload yourself with too much info at this point there is a good possibility you will burn-out and quit.
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        Thanks gentlemen.

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