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2 way critique please!

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  • 2 way critique please!

    Emphasis is bringing up triceps, rear delts, and Hams.

    Slight Decline BB bench
    Barbell OHP
    JM Press
    upright rows
    Rack pulls

    DB curls
    Preacher Hammer curls
    standing calves
    Leg curls

    Neutral grip DB Bench
    DB shoulder laterals
    Close grip Bench press
    Face pulls
    DB Rows

    Barbell curls
    Pinwheel curls
    Hack squat
    seated calves

    Barbell floor press
    DB OHP 2 straight sets, then one backoff set of bent-over laterals
    DB skull crushers
    Weighted pullups

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    whoops. last workout

    Seated curls
    pinwheel curls
    leg curls
    standing calves


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      There are a lot of things that need to be considered. But before giving any advice, why don't you post the rep ranges?

      Also, I know you posted some basic stats a while back, but can you tell us something about your training history? Physical stats? Do you have any pics you can post up?

      Previously you mentioned that your work schedule made it tough for you to recover. How has this changed since then?

      I really think yo ought to go back through some of the old critique/advice threads and stickies and look at exercise selection better. Some of the things you have above don't seem like they would make the best choices IMO.

      If this is definitely the route you want to go, but have been struggling with recovery, then maybe it is time to hire Homonunculus to help you get things in line so you can get the most out of DC?
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      Stickies...just read the damn stickies...

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        recovery---its fixed, I quit my job that required 9 hour shifts PLUS a total commuting time of 3 hours. so basically I was "working" 5 12's. Now I work 5 8 hour shifts, with 10 minutes of commuting


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          Seems like a much better job situation, at least for time and training....



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            I agree with mental. If you really wanna hit your tris, rear delts and hammies more there's a lot of better exercises out there. My fav for hammies is either sumo leg press or db stiff legs. Also my rear delts used to suck really bad, but I started to do my face pulls with way more emphasis on the squeeze, and not a full range of motion. Once I started doing them like that I felt them being worked more and I noticed them improve pretty rapidly... But shit, no one here listens to advice a 19 year old gives you so this is probably a waste of my typing.


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              why not put dumbell presses, behind the neck smythe presses, in your shoudler rotation instead of the face pulls and laterals. and place something like a prone hammer row, overhand barbell row, wide grip overhand cable row, another good prone rowing machine, or a chest supported t-bar in you thickness routine? like pick 2 of them and do one deadlift (rack or floor)for thickness. upright dips for tris have always been my bread and butter or reverse gripsmythe maybe? obviously im shooting in the dark here and im not a moderator or trainer but it seems more condusive to progression (the basis of dc) to choose exercises which you can make larger incremental gains in (i.e. presses versus laterals). if I were wanting to focus on MY rear delts id pick a good prone machine and do overhand bb rows with one deadlift (because deads are that important), as well as rotate 3 presses (but upright rows bother my shoulders) and jus beat the dogshit out of those moves. also working like u were it was prolly hard to eat large quanities of whole foods... hows your nutrition?.... keep in mind that im not d/c or homon...jus my 2 cents from my experience! mental is right on point that it would be an excellent investment to have an experienced trainer (like homon) to guide you if you have any sort of confusion, reservation or apprehension (not saying you do or that your ignorant)... but i hired a nutritional consultant at one point and my gains started slowly increaseing. once i applied d/c training to this and implemented all the basics (2g pro, carbs pre and post workout only-which for me was important... others can surely eat more more frequently... emphasising the proper amount/intensity of cardio..including healthy fats veggies key supps,.etc..)it was more like my progress exploded...
              I see you didn't take a s#!t before deadlifting....
              I too like to live dangerously