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SLDL and overtraining lower back...

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  • SLDL and overtraining lower back...

    SLDL are my favorite hamstring exercise. However, I am also using floor deadlifts and rack deadlifts in my blast.

    I do floor deads on Monday (A1) and then racks the following Wednesday (A3). I get great results from these and do not want to eliminate them.

    I haven't been doing SLDLs because I don't want to over do it on my lower back. I am 38 years old and have been training for the last several years after a lay-off of over a decade. I don't want to risk a needless injury.

    Does anyone do all 3 of these exercises in their blast? If so, how do you space them?

    I hope this question makes sense. Thanks for any input and advice.

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    I never have. That's just way too much on the back for me. Maybe one dead movement along with SLDL (hams) but be sure you space it out like ont on the same week.

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      I tried it for about a full 8 week blast back when I was about your age (3-4 years ago now) and after about 6 weeks I dropped them. I finished my blast with sumo leg presses instead, and then reconfigured my workouts to include them, by alternating dropping deads, then rack deads then SLDL. Too much with those 3 exercises and squats as well.
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