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    Hey everyone, been lurking on this forum for about two years now and wanted to get some perspective. I've been running DC for about year. I've gained about 15-20lbs from 170ish - 190ish. I tweaked my back about two years ago couldn't sit, move, stay still anything without pain in my lower back. Spent a year just maintaining and getting back. My numbers aren't great these are numbers from my log of DC, squat went from about 260 to 335 lb, deadlift 315 to 385, db bench from 80 to 110. My program is below, I like to hit the reps before moving the weight up. I'm only 20 so if that factors in. My diet was 2 meals + 3 sandwiches throughout the day, but switched to just 3 big meals a day with some snacks. Breakfast is usually some oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, milk. Lunch is usually pasta, chicken, rice, eggs, and whatevers a hot entree. Dinner/PostWO is chicken, rice, eggs, vegies, and hot entree. Snacks is usually peanuts. Weekends is just a free for all for food. I'm working off a college dining hall with no real income. Estimated per day is something like 1.5-2k + cals, 180+ protein, 150+ carbs. I'm hoping to hear feedback is whether to switch to something else like 5x5 with ramping weights or just keep on going. Really any advice would be great. Hopefully not alot of go away you're young. Oh and previous training since about 14-15 basically just playing in the weight room and about 1-2 years of just volume training with about 8 years of ice hockey. Uh well basically hey everyone.

    Upper 1:
    Barbell Bench (15 RP)
    DB Shoulder press (20 RP)
    Dip (20 RP)
    Rack Chin (15 RP)
    TBar row (8 SS then 12)

    Lower 1:
    Barbell Curl (20 RP)
    Hammer Curl (12-15 SS)
    Standing Calf Raise (15 SS)
    Romanian Deadlift (8 SS then 12)
    Leg Press (8 SS, 20 WM)

    Upper 2:
    DB Incline Bench (15 RP)
    Barbell Shoulder press (20 RP)
    Seated Tricep Press (20 RP)
    Wide Lat Pulldown (15RP)
    Barbell Row (8 SS then 12)

    Lower 2:
    DB incline curl (20 RP)
    Hammer Curl with rope (12-15 SS)
    Seated Calf raise (15 SS)
    Sumo Press (8 SS then 12)
    Squat (8 SS, 20 WM)

    Upper 3:
    DB Bench (15 RP)
    Machine Shoulder Press (20 RP)
    Barbell Close Grip Bench (20 RP)
    Pullups (15 RP)
    Barbell Deadlift (8 SS then 12)

    Lower 3:
    Cable Curl (20 RP)
    Reverse Barbell Curl (12-15 SS)
    Calf on Leg Press (15 SS)
    Barbell Good Morning (8 SS then 12)
    Barbell Front Squat (8 SS with Leg Extension as 20 WM)

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    Here are some questions....

    1.Current Weight...It looks like 190ish from what you posted
    2.Body fat
    a.Do you want to compete? When?
    5.What was your injury? Was it diagnosed? Are you clear to train?
    6.Could you give a more detailed account of a day of eating?

    You listed the following:

    "squat went from about 260 to 335 lb, deadlift 315 to 385, db bench from 80 to 110"

    Are those 1 rep maxes or for reps? How many reps?

    I would be curious about your answers to these questions before saying what I think, but with your age my first reaction would be to suggest a more standard program like 5x5, 5/3/1 or even a cycled training routine utilizing 10x10, 8x8, and 6x6.

    Hormon, or Mental may be able to chime in since they are better versed with DC. I have trained DC, and know a good deal about it, but I'd be better at telling you IF you should do it rather than telling you how to do it.
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      hey thanks for replying, I'm more interested to know if I should continue with DC or not.
      1. thought my base weight was 195 but with sandy messing up my eating dropped easily to 190.
      2. had a free check last year and was at about 12-13% hard to think I changed much from that since i more or less look the same with more weight
      3. 5'9 - 5'10
      4. really just get stronger, its more like a personal thing, if i could ever get into competition size/physique I might go for it, but for now I just like progressing
      5. No professional diagnoses, I want to say something close to a slipped disc, just gave it rest and slow rehilibitation doesnt give me any problems except a tight lower back occasonally after deadlifting.
      6.its hard to give anything precise,I know it should be but with lack of money and using school dining i just try to intake alot.
      9 am- about 2 bowls of oatmeal + 2 pancakes/french toast, 8 eggs
      12 pm- snack of either peanuts or 2 chicken breasts
      2 pm - pasta meal, 4eggs, 1/2-1 cup of brown rice, 3-4 chicken breasts with a hamburger or something like that
      4-5 pm snack of peanuts
      7-8 pm either post workout or regular dinner- 1-2 cups of brown/white rice, 4-5 chicken breasts, 4 eggs, and a entree which could be steak, turkey slices, or more chicken
      11-12 peanut butter sandwhich
      squat - 260x6 to 335x7, deadlift 315x7 to 385x7, db bench from 80x8,4,2 to 110x7,3,2 (RP)
      Again thanks for replying and I'm pretty open to advice. Just like to get some thoughts and kinda hoping to become part of the board


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        Before even looking at DC, what types of training you've done and how they have faired for you. Also, based on what you stated, saying that you injured your back two years ago and have only had one year of training since. Based on the lack of training experience, I would really question whether DC is your best choice for a program right now. There is a lot of learning that can be done using other types of programs and you have to develop the mental and physical attributes that enable you to push each set to the extreme and understand how your body will respond to various rep schemes and exercises. This is something that can only be learned with time...

        Also, just because you are in school doesn't mean you have to let your diet suffer. You can get chicken and eggs, so bring tupperware and stock up and bring it back with you. Many of us have done it and haven't had any issues.

        You mention you lower back. You say it bothers you, well what exercises does it limit? How has it affected your development? Wouldn't you think it make sense to use something other than DC to build up your strength around your back so that when you do use DC you will get the most of it.

        Do you have any pictures? Seeing where you are with your physique will give a good idea of your level of training experience and overall musculature and whether you would be better served using DC or something else for the time being.

        Those are my comments. Perhaps Homon will chime in with the expert opinion
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          yea basically got myself thinking about programs and wanted to hear advice of other guys that have been through it all. was just kinda stubborn about wanting to try it out. that and I've been used to pushing myself in sports thought it would carry over a bit. With regards to diet I've just gotten tired of lugging food around. carrying my stuff around with me all day + food ends up being like 10-20 lbs on my back which i have no clue how it gets so heavy, yea i know pretty lazy excuse, but this will motivate me back into carrying food.

          With the lower back it just makes me aware of not letting form slip on squats, dead, and lower back exercises. Maybe I'm weak there cause my lower back gets tight really fast when I start cheating on form.
          mmm I'll try to get pictures up but real shy about the internet, never really into sharing things on public space.
          Thanks for the comments!