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  • Quad blaster

    Anyone tried this machine for the leg widowmaker. its called the quad blaster

    I am looking for a leg widowmaker exercise to really target the quads. I have a hard time feeling my quads work during my regular quad widowmakers, like squat, leg press, hacks etc. I tried the smith sissy hack squat mentioned by Homonuncules, but they bothered my knees. I also gave the somersault squat a try but they also resulted in knee pain. The apparatus looks alot like the roman chair squat, but its supposed to be more knee friendly. I know its usually not adviced to use somewhat isolation exercises as widowmakers. So I hope I wont get blasted for making this thread. If anyone have a suggestion for another quad dominant exercise more appropriate with DC, i would love to hear about it.

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    I have used them in the past. Never stuck with them though as they feel 'odd' .

    btw NOT an isolation exercise; they hit quads, hams, glutes and tib ant.
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