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A long lay off

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  • A long lay off

    Hi Guys,

    I am finally making a return to training after a long (nearly 4 years in total) lay off, initially due to a lower back injury but then family work and usual stuff.

    Before I injured myself I was using DC training for about a year and loved it.
    Previous to that I had about 4 years and 2 comps under my belt.

    I have been training the last couple of weeks, using a DC split/structure, no rest pause sets or widow makers - a couple of warm up sets and then 2 working sets 8-10 reps. I am using a weight that is achieving failure in that rep range so just taking it easy really and I've still been pretty sore (feels good to be home)

    Its mentioned a lot that you need a couple of years of hard training to handle DC. Should I take a more traditional approach for the time being maybe for the next 6-12months ?
    Or given my previous training experience jump back into proper DC training as soon as possible?

    My back is still a problem at times and I will need to be very mindful of my form, especially on squats and deadlifts but it's the type of injury that doing nothing hasn't fixed either.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Walk before you run. Give it some time doing what you are doing. If you end up injured again by trying to jump in too fast, what good is DC or any other training method then?
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      Good point - thanks