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How long are your rep negatives

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  • How long are your rep negatives

    I read an article and DC says to have a real long 6 second negative, but when I am watching youtube vids of people DC training they are doing your typical negative. Im kind of confused on what to do

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    I prefer a short 6 sec negative, but I dont train dc...

    Seriously though I think the vets will tell you it's to be slow and controlled and I believe this thread has been done before.......
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      I do a 6 sec negative and I've been training DC for about a month now. From what I've read, you really just want to have a slower controlled negative and I like mine to be around 6 seconds.
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        In the main DoggPound there's a sticky at the top that says Updated--DC Training Newbies. Within there, there's a quote that Dante has about the negatives of an exercise from an interview he has a few years ago:

        RH: Could you walk the readers through a set, DC style? Let’s assume the person is properly warmed up and ready to do a set on say, close-grip lat pulldowns.
        D: They would explosively pull it down to the chest and then on the negative return they would resist (control) on the way up. I don't want specific seconds, or a certain time amount, I just want control on the negative to the point if they had to, they could easily reverse direction. They would keep going to the point in the set where they would reach failure, hopefully between rep 7 and 10. At that point, they would take 10-15 deep breaths (usually 22 seconds or somewhere in that area) and then start the exercise again and go to failure once again . Then another 10-15 deep breaths. And then once again to failure. During the rest pauses you do not stay strapped to the bar or anything, you take your 10-15 deep breaths and then get back in there. Oxygen is the key here. What I'm looking for in a restpause set usually is a 11-15 rest pause total (with 3 failure points in that set). That usually comes out to something like 8 reps (failure) ...10-15 breathes....4 reps (failure)....10-15 breathes.... 2 reps (failure) = 14 rp. (hypothetically a total of 11-15 rest paused reps is what im after).


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          Originally posted by lhart6272 View Post
          I prefer a short 6 sec negative, but I dont train dc...

          Seriously though I think the vets will tell you it's to be slow and controlled and I believe this thread has been done before.......
          Um, yes, it's been discussed a time or two.....

          Keep your negative part of the movement controlled enough so that you could reverse the direction of the movement at any point.....that's all, no actual time is necessary.....just controlled.....



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            As has been said, just to reiterate...controlled. If you feel maximum benefits from a 6-8 second negative, great, if you feel good with a 2-3 second negative, great.
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              This was posted about 4.5 years ago:


              No you did not read that by me, Inhuman liked to do something like that, I didnt neccesarily agree with that in all cases....but I have said "if you have a partner its always good to finish on the negative if you can on certain exercises, and if you know your not going to get another positive rep anyway, you might as well lower it slow.

              I told people to use a 6 second negative back in the day knowing people counted fast when they were breathing heavy and exerting great energy (which usually came out to 123456 (2-3 seconds).....people started using stop watches and having their partners count .......big mistake on my part.

              I cannot believe after all the damage control all these years on this topic ive done that this is still coming around.

              Can we clear this up for once and for all? Alot of cellular damage happens during an eccentric phase.....I want control. Depending on the exercise and range of motion control can mean 1-2 second or 3-4 seconds, I got no idea how tall you are or what exercise your using---i sure as hell wouldnt want to see someone drop the negative on a preacher curl in one second that is for sure. All i want is you to lower the bar so that in your head you know that if you had could reverse direction and go the other way (christ lets say for hypothetical reasons there was a bunson burner flame there and you had to come back up or you would get burnt--LOL)
              During a rest pause set of lets say 11-20rp....lets hypothetically use bicep curls, lets say during your first rest pause you got 9 reps and on the 9th curl upward you absolutely know you are spent--you got nothing--there is no chance in hell of getting if you can why not lower the bar a little bit slower than normal and use the negative to your advantage on that rep, your not getting another positive rep....and if you cant and you are so absolutely spent you can only lower it at our normal (control) lowering pace...then thats fine too--no problem. Arrrrrgh just control the negative......
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              The Book Has Arrived!

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