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  • dc trainers wanted

    This is really to find out if there's anyone out there that Dante approves of for dc training in the area of san diego that can take me through a few training sessions. Also, it doesn't hurt to beg Dante one last time to take through one training session or a 1 hour consultation. I know he's retired from training people on a personal level but the guy could probably take me to my goal within one year. My real regret in bodybuilding was not contacting him sooner.

    The rest of this is probably not the first of its kind as I'm sure some people regret they didn't try DC earlier. I learned of DC training in 2008 and hesitated to even join here since the advice was to least train 3 years before deciding to try dc training. Then I found out Dante trained complete newbs before. If I reached him back in 2010, when I first had money(no money back in 2008) or even last year, I probably would be at least 200 lb lean by now and in the race with many people here who are fighting their hardest to reach 250 somewhere down the line instead of banging my head against the wall because I'm having a hard time even reaching 180 lean. I trained hard, long, and often, up to 3 hours in the past, if I had to because I absolutely cannot accept it if I don't hit a PR on every exercise every week. Now I found out most of you don't even train four days a week unless you've reached 240 or beyond or have enough size now and most can agree you'd only have to bring up lagging bodyparts.

    I wasted so much time when I had the answer right in front of me in 2008 but I got scared away because I thought I would need at least 3 years before going back here, and even when I had three years, I still didn't think I was ready. I should've searched deeper to try to contact Dante, and eventually would've found I would have a better start because I live in San Diego where he lives. This is my way of realizing I did wrong and am doing everything I can to do right from now on. Really hoping there's someone close to me who knows Dante's gameplan and can steer me in the right direction.

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    There is only ONE "qualified" DC trainer, and that's Scott.
    Ph.D., Theoretical Physics '16
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