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Back to DC. Ass thoroughly kicked

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  • Back to DC. Ass thoroughly kicked

    So I took a few months away from DC. My job and taking classes just didnt leave enough sleep for good recovery. I was also so busy I sometimes had to cut out the gym entirely and was getting 3 workouts a week at best. Sometimes it was only 1.

    Anyway after a stint of a 5x5 routine I've come back to DC. HOLY ISHMAEL. Now I remember why I had my best gains doing DC. After just my chest and shoulder exercises my heart is pounding and my arms are fully engorged with blood. After my tri exercise and my chest/shoulder/tri stretches my arms are downright pink. That may be normal for you white folk, but I'm brown. Skip ahead to the end of my workout and I am gassed. I'm sweating like I'm in the sauna and my whole upper body is pumped to the max (thank you powdered muscle).

    As I'm typing this back at home, I am shaking with fatigue. Just another reminder that DC gives great gains if you can put yourself through the ringer. However it's not for the faint of heart.
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