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opinions needed on db shoulder press

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  • opinions needed on db shoulder press

    Ive always been strong on ovehead pressing. Shoulders been bugging me a little so getting away from behind the neck presses it has always helped in the past along with the broom stick stretches. Switched over to db. Now i hit 120's for 12 rp x 5 more and on the next rp couldnt get the lft db up dont want to risk injury and dont have a reliable partner and dont trust just any yahoo in the gym. Question- strait set these cocksuckers or lower weight and up my rep range to 20-30 rp?

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    Originally posted by ironsuicide View Post
    lower weight and up my rep range to 20-30 rp


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      I'd up your range, but I also hate rp'ing DB's. So a stronger vote for straight sets from me.

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        I do two straight sets on any dumbbell presses.


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          If I do dumbbells, I do them at home where I have my power hooks. They work great, especially for shoulders.....with dumbbells, the rep range should be higher anyway. It is a pain in the ass getting big ones like that in position, but if you dropped down to 80's and jumped the reps up you'd prob have no problems. Like I said, power hooks help tremendously too....



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            love this board for training questions. thanks for the quick replies. Other boards id have to ask a question like can I drink my winny to get a reply so quick.


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              Originally posted by Lock it Up View Post
              I'd up your range, but I also hate rp'ing DB's. So a stronger vote for straight sets from me.
              when i was doing DC i would just do 1-2 straight sets for dumbbell presses for shoulders and chest


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                I do DB Presses RP'd in the higher rep ranges (20-30RP), mainly because I have had some shoulder issues in the past. I am also not as strong as some of the beasts on this board so I'm not trying to swing up 100+ pound DBs with each RP set.

                I think having one exercise in the higher RP range is a good variation and I personally like doing things like that. I also think it helps take off some of the stress on the shoulder from heavy pressing while still SEVERELY taxing the muscle.

                I can bet that me swinging the DBs into place with each RP might take away from my actual work set but if I am consistently swinging them into place the same way I do not have to worry about variability affecting my progression. It is just part of the set...PITA, but RP sets just feel so good

                As stated by Steel, if you are using heavy DBs, Power Hooks are a VERY good tool.
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                  Without a partner, RP DB is not an easy task. I prefer SS when alone on all DB lifts.