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  • Shoulder pain

    For the past couple of months, i have been having some right shoulder pain when i try to do any motion that is above my head and also a little when i do some benching. I think it might be some sort of bursitis or impingement syndrome of some sort. I have been trying to work through it but its getting pretty tough to lift heavy without some really annoying pain. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what they did to rid themselves of it. I know that DC posted a great post about a shoulder exercise that helps with shoulder pain (see link below). Is this exercise warranted in this case or should i just rest it completely. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would first rest it. Maybe don't do anything upper body for a week. See how it feels after that. If it's getting better, than it may just be an inflammatory issue, which the broomstick stretch would help. But it could be an issue with the rotator or any other tendon/ligament in that AC's a complex one.

    Rest it, then try the broomstick if it feels better. If I were you I would do the broomstick every other day to start, something small like 50 reps to begin, and work your way up.

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      I did the broomstick and changed my routine when I had my last impingement. I went to high reps (GVT style) and it took about 10 days to subside.
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        Ive had similar issues in the past. Rest has been the only thing that has ever worked, and it certainly couldnt hurt.


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          thanks for the advice guys. I think i might just give it a rest but continue lifting anything that does not bother it. I think after a month of resting it, i will give the broom stretch a try. Will post my results of this.
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            Im having that same exact problem right now in my right shoulder, im resting it and doing the broom stick stretches