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  • DB problem

    I have a Dumbell question. Say your gym has 110lb DBs, 120lb DBs and then 140lb DBS. some retard stole the 130's i guess.

    Now, say on an exercise you top out at rep range with the 120s, hitting 12, 6,2.

    then you grab the 140lbs and only eek out 5, 2, 0
    I then grabed the 120s after 15 breaths and cranked out 3 more.

    next time i was thinking like doing this:
    140lbx failure
    120lb x failure
    120lb x failure............just to make sure i get at least 15 RP reps or

    140lbx failure
    140lb failure
    110lb failure

    ill do this just untill i can hit at least 7-8 on top set, then do regular style.

    does this sound like a decent idea?

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    Well it won't be DC training but you can do whatever you want.

    Duct tape or bungee cord 2.5 lb. plates to the dumbbells so you make smaller jumps instead of 20 lb. jumps and it is suggested to bump the rep range to the twenties with dumbbells.
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      Oh ok I didn't know that about the dumbells. Guess I can stay with 120lbs untill I hit like 16,8, 4 or something like that


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        You could just use the 120's till the end of the blast and squeeze every rep out of them you can.

        Cruise, then come back to the exercise the following blast, use a lower rep range for the blast and use the 140's.

        Another option.

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          Could you have gotten more with 140's if you hadn't done the 12-6-2 on the 120's? or were you referring to separate workouts? Your wording was a tad confusing since you said you did 12-6-2 with 120 then grabbed the 140's...


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            Over-analyzing at its finest.

            Just progress.


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              ...And feel lucky your gym has 140 db.
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                funny from the title I thought this was a thread about database problems with the site. lol
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                  Originally posted by bouncer dave View Post
                  ...And feel lucky your gym has 140 db.
                  Yes, indeed. The gym where I tried to work out here in Lyon until I got my own stuff didn't have anything heavier than 84lb/38kg dumbbells.


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                    Separate occasions.

                    Ok I just looking for ideas. Thanks guys


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                      Yea I'm lucky my gym even has 150s and