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  • Make stretching harder?

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to know, if I should increase weight of my stretching weights with each workout, or whenever I reach the 60 seconds?

    Love u all B-)

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    Personally I shoot for ~90 seconds before increasing weight. Really does not make much sense increasing every workout if you think about it. After all, if you can only hold the stretch for 10 seconds, would you still increase the weight the following workout? You should read the ongoing thread about stretching located here:

    Not calling you an idiot by any means, but if you really want to make the stretches "harder", then doing so safely by increasing TUT, I would argue, is more effective than the alternative of increasing weight, thereby increasing chances for the types on injuries discussed in the aforementioned thread.


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      Think of it as a stretch and not so much as a progression-based goal. Just get a good stretch. If over time you need to use a little more weight, fine, but the goal is to stretch.


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        Aight, thank you guys. Just one more thing. It may sound crazy, but is it possible that my muscle can get overstretched an pull off? I mean i dont have any pain in my joints during the stretch but my muscle is burning as hell! Maybe this kind of thinking is just an excuse of my body to stop


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          Yes it is possible to tear a muscle, (most likely not off while stretching) but that is the type of injury to which the thread I mentioned discusses when not using common sense with the weights during the stretch. Muscle tears usually happen when overloaded, and using too heavy of a weight during a stretch can cause this type of overload. Not trying to scare you away from stretching as it can also provide some adapted protection from tears over time. The body has some defense mechanisms that can protect against tears (GTO being an example), however this is not fail-safe and tears obviously occur. My point: use common sense in the weight selection during the stretch and you should have nothing to worry about.


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            As Michael said it's possible, but as long as you are warmed up, and using common sense you shouldn't have a problem. Know the differences between a good pain and a bad one...then again, if you are using DC, you already know the difference...right?

            And that burning feeling? Ya, that's what you're looking for. A feeling that makes you say "WHY IN THE HELL AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF?!". That's how you know you are doing it right

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