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    Right so heres the deal, i've been training for about 8years (since 15 now 23) starting weight was 147 pounds now its 221 pounds, been training mostly every muscle once a week. been reading all i can on dc on here and want to start it soon just want to get my lifts up abit more and make sure everythings in place first to give it 100%. so what i wanted to ask was do yous think i should do like a pre dc workout untill am ready to start it?? i was thinking three days a week rotating push pull workouts? cheers

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    If you really put on 70+lbs of muscle since beginning training, I'd think you know what you have to do for you to "be ready". Just hit some numbers that you have in mind and then go to town.

    If I were to suggest anything it would be to start some kind of low volume approach and start getting used to pushing past failure. I find guys who "try" DC really have no clue that they are not really pushing themselves like they can, until they see someone actually go balls out and leave it all out there, either in the gym or here in a training video.

    But my first statement know what you need to do. Don't over analyze it.

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      Think your right i was thinking about it to much, over the years i've naturally been cutting the volume and increasing the intensity. so dc just seem like the next step for me. thanks for the input i appreciate it