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  • newbie supp questions?

    1can you guys reccomend a good thermo product? i know that a lot of times supp co make outlandish claims. ive got a bottle of lipo6 currently. any thought

    2 will it be too much to use it and 1mr pre workout only at the same time.

    3also i was wondering if any of you guys have used animal m-stak? if so what was your opinion... (i know methoxy/ecdy has 2 very distinct sides w/ 2 very diffrent opinions as far as users go)
    4 has anyone used animal stak..if so what was ur opinion... i used it and i boosted my libido and gave me acne but im wonderin what you other guys it compares to DAA products?

    my current stak is... critisism is welcomed towards this from you guys
    myo fusion from gaspari for protien
    vit c 1000mg 2 x's daily
    400 ius vit E 2x's daily
    4000mg fish oil a day
    glucosomine chodroition by now as directed
    fiber 2x's daily
    now eco green vit 2 x's daily
    1300 mg evening primrose 2 x's daily
    promera concrete as directed per bw
    waixy maize PW (i use glycocharge)
    ON aminos 4 caps pre cardio(am or btw wts and cardio)
    1mr as pre workout booster.

    i know dante reccomends thermos to guys and i was jus wondering what you experienced guys thought would be solid product and dosing regimine and how they stack w/ preworkouts (too much stims in a day?)

    i dont regularly use glutamine or bccas (jus on bcaas before cardio) b/c i was doing research for palumbos diet and he says that you get plenty of both of these w/ proper diet and a good protien supp.. any thoughts...

    sorry for the lengthy posts but you guys have been around in the dogg pound and yall know whats up any info would be appreciated... im natural and wanna take my body to the max... i started at 6 1 and 157 and trained and ate like a madman for 3 years to get to 205 (sloppy) im currently 225-227 in am 15% bf or so (i got calipers) and dc for 1 year... i was stuck at 205 and and signed on w/ a trainer who taught me proper foods how they react w/ my bod and correct form w/ heavy wt. bulked up to 232 w/ volume training i did a keto diet and got to 210 at similar bf as i am know (my first 3 blasts w dc took me to my current wt. theres some backgound for you guys. thanks in advance for any critiques or suggestions....
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    I personally would never combine 1MR AND another stimulant. Way too much for my system. I also prefer not to use a pwo supp. containing caffeine as I find the caffeine hinders blood flow and limits my pumps.

    I also prefer not to add a fat burner until my fat loss progress has stalled. Diet and cardio can take you a long way before adding a fat burner is necessary. When you do plateau, yohimbine HCL is a good one in my opinion. It has little effect on the CNS and targets trouble spots. Some people do report feeling slightly ill so be sure to access your tolerance before ramping it up.

    IMO many people rely on fat burners too often and too soon in their diets. get your diet and cardio on point first, work that as hard as you can, and only then add a fat burner as the "icing on the cakee".
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      EO makes very good points about the thermos.

      Also, it seems to me from your recent posts that you don't need more supplements. You take more than enough and I would hazard that (like many people) can't explain exactly why you take half of them. What you need is a plan, time and consistency. I saw your posts about training and diet. So you have the plan. Let time run it's course and be consistent and I think you will have more success than any supplement combination will give you.


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        I love yohimbine for stubborn fat loss, but stubborn fat isn't going to be an issue at 15% bodyfat. Besides that the old EC stack is still one of the most effective. However, I agree with the others - concentrate on training your ass off and being consistent with your food intake and you'll see better progress than any supplement will do for you.


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          will do... will continue waging war against my log book, the fleet of tilapia fishing boats and rose acre farms... thanks
          I see you didn't take a s#!t before deadlifting....
          I too like to live dangerously


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            also adam much props on ur quote there....
            I see you didn't take a s#!t before deadlifting....
            I too like to live dangerously


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              Agree with a lot of the points here. But for the sake of answering....

              I love using Ephedra + caffiene + yohimbine hcl. Also, ECGC extract I feel is entirely underrated. Take em all before morning cardio and watch you sweat your ass off.

              I handle stims alike a champ though, so you gotta take that into account. I have had people tell me there is no way they could handle all the above at once...I had no problems at all! lol. I'd take the combo 2-3 times a day and sleep like a baby during prep most of the time. Wouldn't recommend taking it for more than 6-8 weeks at a time though...that's when stuff starts to catch up with you, well, at least for me.

              Further, try adding in ALA to your regimen. I take mine post workout, and if I ever have a crap load of carbs in one sitting. Kind of like a glucose dispersal agent...kinda. I use 400mg a pop. That was recommended to be by someone...actually I think skip mentions it in longevity also.

              If you try what I typed out about with that stack...please start slowly, and work your way up. Take notice of how it truly effects you each dosing. I have a BIG tolerance. During last prep, I think I was up to taking in like 25-35 mgs of yohimbine upon wake up before cardio, and that would be my dose for the day. I started at 20mg and i felt the effects from taking too much at once but it wasn't bad...I have heard some crazy stories about guys taking too much...feels like you have a fever and you get nauseous as hell...DON'T DO THAT. Assess how you respond and take it from there. Test it out for yourself.

              AGAIN, THIS IS NOT something I would recommend to anyone who gets jittery from a preworkout drink...

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                Originally posted by DC_catholic315
                also adam much props on ur quote there....
                Don't give me too much credit. It's from Kevin Costner's character Crash Davis in the movie Bull Durham. Crash wasn't exactly a religious man... lol.