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rows and deads same workout?

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  • rows and deads same workout?

    anybody ever do deads or racks as your heavy back thicknes exercise and then do a row for 10-12 to failure istead of a dead or rack for both sets in the same workout or a row for both sets
    (one being a ss of 6-8 and then 10-12??) just curious.... i do one exercise or the other for my back thickness choice but my wife asked me why not do it where u alternate from a dead to 6-8 and a row for 10-12 instead of a dead 6-8,10-12 today and a row 6-8, 10-12 next time?? i jus wanna be able to give her an intellegent answer.....wich for me sometimes proves challenging
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    I have a completely different style of Training, but I do 80-95% RM deads for 5x5, 4x4, 3x3, or sets of 3 ramping up to heavy singles and follow it up with pendlay rows for 5x5. I also include pull-ups. If you're just doing one set of each, you should be fine.


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      I think it is easier to be consistent with your progression if you are dealing with the same exercise. Also I believe that the first set will be the muscle primed. The second set you tend to be able to push harder and do better, thus you'll be able to cause more muscle damage to the target area. If you switch exercises you may negate this effect.
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