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would this work for more recovery?

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  • would this work for more recovery?

    i am starting low vlume training with DC (did about 6 yeras ago when i was younger and got me to 205 at 13% 6'0 quick..from 190 (typical hardgainer, skinny frame).. now im older and i know my recovery sucks although on the bright side, my metabolism has slowed so i can either gain fat or muscle a bit more quickly.. (however sleep and nutrition is lacking due to working alot), im now back at 190 and back to a BF of 16-18%.... do you think it'd be possible to just do each body part once a week instead of twice a week (3 day split isntead of 2 day split).. instead of chest, shoulders, tris, back in one day.. i would just do chest and tris.. and then do back and shoulders a different day.. i understand the frequency is less.. but i still like the intensity of the workset to keep doing DC but to break down the weekly split a bit more for the time being as i get use to this again.. so basically i was considering

    M: Chest/Tris
    T: off
    W: Legs (Quads, Hams, Calves.. moved biceps to shoulders/back day since back exercises warmup the biceps)
    Th: Off
    F: Back, Shoulders, Biceps/Forearms

    however, i don't just leave the gym.. i do tons of ab and core work the rest of the time im there so i can still try to get out within an hour.. i just feel like the energy i use for the first two worksets of the first two exercises really drains me out by the time i get to the 2nd half of my routine especially with my chest and shoulders being my weakest body parts so i definately like to split them up for now.... i remember when i was 25 (college kid, slept in alot, ate alot, barely worked).., i felt so much stronger but i also started on DC after doing body4life program so i had a better foundation.... now at 31, i feel like im starting all over... (unless im having a great day with jack3d and lots of rest the night before which is once in a blue moon).. im gonna try this until my recovery improves and then do the 2 day split...or should I try out other programs like 5x5? but ive done DC before successfully just coming from a worst off position than before.. i feel like im taxing my CNS a bit way too much without enough sleep (i barely get 5-7hrs a day) and not enough calories since ive started working.. ive done better in prepping my food for work now and also using the help fo TrueMass or SeriouSMass for the calorie boost.... i feel like a newb again to bulking but definately wnat to use DC to bulk in the offseason.. seems like its working for me so far though! so for beginners who want to do DC with a novice variation, this might help them too!

    would this work for awhile until I get my recovery and nutrition on point? reason i ask is because i never did much of any other low volume hiit training other than DC.. and I did DC very well before but now feel like my recover and nutrition is suffering alot at this point of my life.. but hopefully i can get myself back soon.. cuz i definately can attest to the gains i got 7 years ago..
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    You can train however you want and call it whatever you want; just don't call it DC if you aren't doing DC.

    Also, you'll get more and/or better replies with a formatted post.


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      Was also thinking about the same idea like you. Have to give it a try


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        Originally posted by DOHCrazy View Post
        You can train however you want and call it whatever you want; just don't call it DC if you aren't doing DC..
        this statment should be made a sticky so people can just refer to it instead of having to write it everytime...its prolly the most used sentence on this forum.


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          good luck Martian.


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            Until you get the other parts of your life in order, you're not going to get the results you're after no matter what program you use.

            Also, if you feel like your CNS is so overtaxed, why would you stay in the gym longer to "do tons of abs and core work?" Do as little as possible to get growth then get the hell out of there and eat and recover. An hour in the gym is not a magical amount of time. You need more recovery- train for a half hour then rest for a half hour. It sounds like you know what your body needs (rest) but aren't willing/able to do it. Hell, train twice a week for half an hour then take that hour you'd be training the third day and just rest. Optimal? Nope, but if your issue is recovery, then make time to recover at the expense of training. Otherwise you're just digging yourself in deeper.
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