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    I cant do any overhead pressing and im looking for some alternative shoulder movements. besides the obvious side laterals and upright rows and comparative machines.... even some variations of these or new aideas are welcome..... i have a show in 6 weeks so im trying to get my off season planned now. i'll be doing the 3 way split on a 2 on 1 off, 2on 2 off rotation. i will be starting a new job and wont have a ton of time and on the 3 way split i can usually finish push and pull workouts in 40 minutes or so, so this split works best for me...on the 2 way workouts run about an hour and a half for me and im just not sure how much time im going to hav to guessing about an hour....ideas posted here...or links to cool unorthodox exercises are greatly appreciated!

    thanks in advance!

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    First, what is wrong with your shoulder that you can't do OH pressing? Having it evaluated by a professional may be the best course of action so that you are not so limited and can ensure complete delt development and have healthy shoulders long into the future.

    I'll look around for some stuff that I may have from when I did rehab work on my shoulders that did not include OH pressing but one that I liked doing was Landmin Presses. If you aren't familar with a landmine, it is basically a pivoting holder for a barbell where you place one end of the barbell inside of the tube of the landmine and then add weight to the other end and can do things like t-bar rows, close grip corner rows and the like. An alternative is to stick the end of the barbell in a corner or stable area and add weight to the other end that you will be lifting. From this position you stand facing the barbell holding the weighted end with one hand and press upward, semi-overhead but at a nice angle that seems to put less stress on the shoulders.

    Also, what about DB or kettlebell swings?
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      I think you should get your shoulder checked out first. If Knicker Bocker is on, ask him (or send him a PM), his advice on shoulder prehab and rehab stuff is spot on.
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        i dont have to get it checked out.....a little over 2 years ago i was doing 100lbs oh db presses and i tore (slightly) my rear delt and something in my scapula....i didnt have insurance at the time so i didnt go get anything done.....i let it rest about 8 weeks.....i actually can do oh pressing for about 4 weeks or so but eventually it starts to kill me.... i know its all the little muscles in the shoulder complex making up for the tear...its just been a long time and i dont think its fixable at this point...just something i have to work around..... i can go a little longer using a parralel grip as opposed to a palms forward grip on a of right now im rotating through upright cable rows, seated lateral raises, and machine laterals but i just need some fresh stuff that i can progress with on a dc prgram


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          I think you would be surprised about what is fixable, till you know what is actually the true problem dont write off anything that may help. A.R.T. can do wonders.
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            i appreciate everyones concern......the problem has more to do with dislocating the shoulder 8 times (football, bmx, baseball, and just being a kid) as a child more than anything. something was bound to give at some point, which was what happened over two years ago now...whenever ive gotten a professional opinion they usually go back to the dislocations as the ultimate cause and just suggest rest/ lighter weight training....which obviously im not willing to


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              I have had great success doing simple rotational exercises with 2.5lbs plates to cure a ton of impingement/ rotator cuff pain. They also increased the stability in my shoulder joints, which aided in my overhead presses slightly.


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                just an update..... i adopted a couple exercises i seen on mountain dogs page.....those coupled with upright rows and heavy laterals have really helped me keep my shoulder mass during this prep...thanks to everyone for theyr suggestions


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                  You really should see an ortho guy. I screwed up my shoulder several years ago, and never had it checked out. Now, at 64 years old, I only have 30% of the cartiledge left, and they want to do a total shoulder replacement, which I am not going for. The problem is the scar tissue and the way the bones continue to for calcium deposits on the injured are. Just a heads up.