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    I need a little advice. I read everything on here, and I got a grasp on what I need to do. I understand if you are doing a mon/wed/fri, you hit body parts multiple times in 14 days. My problem is,I work 4 days on /4 days off. My work week is tough, long,long hrs, and it is difficult to get to the gym. I work 2 day works and 2 nite works. The only time I can get to the gym during my work week is between my day and nite works. My lifting sched. is between my days and nites and my first day off and third day off. That means ,my schedual rotates by one day every week. So, would DC still work for me if I'm hitting one set to fail/RP(DC) , hitting body parts every 5 days?

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    Is is difficult to get to the gym or impossible? If you want to make it work, you'll find a way. Sometimes I'll train at ridiculous hours simply because that is all the time I have. So if all you is time between your day and nite shift, then use that time. It would be nice if life gave us a cookie cutter plan, but it doesn't happen. Make due with what you can and bust your ass. Through consistency results will follow.

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      Yep,that is what I got, yes sir, that is life. Impossible to get there, yes it is, sucks but it is what it is for me.I get what you're saying, been lifting for almost 20 yrs.I to had to lift at odd times hear and there, but right now,just won't happen. So,any advice, would be appreciated.


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        oh sorry, I have between my day and nites and my first and third off. not just between my day and nites.

        thankyou fellas


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            4 on/4 off is tough I agree. Its workable, but you would need to plan it out. I assume you are doing 12 hour shifts? On your first day, goto the gym after work. Sucks, but hey. Your next workout is on your day-night switch day, then your next is during your off time. Or, use your 2 day shifts as your (weekend) 2 days off, and go from there.

            If you have a workout day fall on one of your nightshift days, either workout right after work in the morning (sucks) or wake up after about 6 hours sleep, workout, then go have another nap before work.

            Its doable, just requires some creative thinking on your part.
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              Find a 24 hour gym then