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carb cutoff - working nights in cafe

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  • carb cutoff - working nights in cafe

    Hi There,
    have a been a member for a while, but have simply been increasing my knowledge from the wealth of information on this site

    My question pertains to carb cutoff in the DC guidelines
    I work 5-6 nights a week in a busy cafe from starting at 3-4pm and finishing around 9:30-10PM, and it usually takes me around 15-20 mins to walk home from work

    So should i have my last pro/carb meal just before i leave for work at 2:30-3ish? (This is what i have been doing, and thus when i get home i have two more meals
    1. grilled chicken breast with big bowl of veggies (around 10 - 10:30pm)
    2. protein shake with about 50ml of milk (for extra taste) - before bed
    (bed time usually between 11:00 - 12:00 am)
    Unfortunately, due to the busy nature of work, i am unable to have any meals at work (i don't get any breaks)

    FYI, i am 88-89KG, 181cm tall, around 9.5% BF and have been training for about 7years. I also workout first thing in the morning (6:30 am)

    I apologise in advance if this has already been answered, but through extensive search on the site, i have not come across a question such as mine.

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    What are your goals?


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      i'm looking to put on some size (so not 'cutting')


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        what your doing is fine as far as carb cutoff goes.
        :kewlpics:You are correct, Dante did in fact take my avatar pic. lol