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How many SS on 3-way split..

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  • How many SS on 3-way split..

    Hi guys, havent been on dc training for while and want get back to it... before i used to do a 2-way split on 3 rotation and it worked really well..however, now as i workout on my lunch breaks these days, i am really short on time. I read on consolidated info if a person is short on time, he/she can use 3-way split with straight sets and not rp as it too taxing obviously unless you are very advance trainee. so to cut the story short, is it two straight sets of 6-8 & 9-12 for every body part?? and different rep ranges even for smaller muscle, i would really appreciate any kind of input. thanks

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    anyone would be kind enough to reply???


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      I would just RP and get in/out if you only have a small window to train.
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