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How come windowmaker set is for quad only?

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  • How come windowmaker set is for quad only?

    I'm pretty sure it's been explained before but help a newbie out please.

    So, how come DC only does windowmaker set for quads only?

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    The quads are a bigger muscle group than the others, and require a little more stimulation because of this to grow.
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      Because 90% of the trainees lack quad development.

      It also raises hormone levels !
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        For heaven's's a WIDOWmaker.


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          Rest pauses are pretty taxing themselves and don't warrant the need for a widowmaker (in general).

          For safety purposes, you shouldn't rest pause quads. You can imagine trying to walk out some weight 3 times to suck big time.

          We alleviate that by doing a second set/exercise with lighter weight. In general, quads respond pretty well to higher reps, thus the widowmaker was born.
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            Widows can be any area that needs growth.
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              Originally posted by 5spotbullseye View Post
              For heaven's's a WIDOWmaker.
              Are you sure he's not talking about this?


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                In addition to what has already been said, widows are just another tool to add to the toolbox. Use them for areas that need to be brought up, but use them sparingly since they can lead to burnout pretty fast if you start using them too often. IMO, you can probably use them more frequently when on a 3-way split than 2-way. That is at least what has worked better for me.
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                  David Henry uses them pretty much every exercise in his first vid if I remember correctly. He also was doing the 3-way. jvandemo hit the nail on the head IMO.
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                    Many different opinions and methods out here.. Guess thats one reason to the 'three years minimum'-rule.