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    21 yrs

    My gym career started at 16 years old in my last year of high school. I would have started sooner, but the old myth about weight training stunting growth kept me from venturing into bodybuilding until I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to grow much anymore.

    I started at 5’8 127 lbs ectomorph circa 12% bodyfat. I made great gains the first year and a little, blasting up to 154 lbs with out too much bodyfat increase.

    My training advice during those days came from personal trainers at the gym(s). So I followed what exercises they said I should do and made sure to eat plenty. Lo and behold they rarely had me doing squats, and if so only smith machine. Never heard of a dead lift back then.

    So I go off to college and keep applying what I learned back home. Additionally I started looking online info to try new exercises and such. I hit a semi plateau but later fixed it with training a more food and managed to get to 165 lbs.

    I remember the first time I tried doing a straight leg deadlift and hurting my back a little bit. Fortunately nothing major, but I had to rack the weight and call it a day. This made me stay away from deadlifts for a while.

    In relation to squatting. Well our relationship has never been too nice, or so says my 10 degree thoracic scoliosis. The doctor sort of told me to stay away form this one, to stay away from applying direct vertical compression on the spine. The scoliosis is my biggest pet peeve. In a past time where the goal is physical perfection, having an asymmetrical body is a bitch. I try my best to work around it though, I was never super aware of how it affected my musculature until a year ago when I took some pictures of flexing my back.

    Moving on, I worked out for a little while with a classmate who was competitive teen body builder, unfortunately the guy was a bit of an ass too hah. I took up deadlifting following his routine and finally got it right (I confess I later ditched it though). I had some good gains with this partner, mostly because he made me work my ass off pushing me to the limit every time. Got to about 176 lbs

    More eating and training got me to my highest weight ever, a year ago 184 lbs being 20 years old. If only I had been 10% body fat I would have been the happiest man alive. But I wasn’t. Never having done a “cut” and neglecting cardio let some fat accumulate over the years. Not excessive fat by any means, but enough fat for a former skinny boy. I decided it was time to do a real cut and start to see all that progress I had made all those years. I made it my goal to diet down to defined abs. BIG mistake. I followed a reduced calorie diet and a little cardio for 6 months in which my lifts went down at the same time I got smaller and no abs in sight. I got down to 158 lbs when I decided to stop because I looked unacceptably small. I would have been ok being at that weight if I was anywhere near my goal but I was smaller and nowhere was the six pack. Yes I might have been a tiny bit more defined but in hand sight I realize this tiny decrease in bodyfat came at the expense of considerable amount of muscle. At the time however I simply thought oh well I just need to bulk some more before cutting again. 6 months later I am up at 176 lbs.

    So I found this website from a torrent with a lot of bodybuilding information. It had an article of an interview with dante. What caught my eye the most was not really the workout routine, but this gem.

    Cutting Diet: Lets say "John Smith" is a 275lb bodybuilder holding 16% body fat in the off-season. He is smooth but his heavy training and high protein eating have made it possible for his body to hold 275lbs with probably an ideal contest weight of 226-234lbs or so. Since his present diet is allowing him to hold a "hypothetical" 230lbs of lean mass, what do you think is going to happen on a "cutting diet"....oh he will get ripped but probably at a 60-40 or 70-30 body fat to muscle mass ratio loss. My opinion is to leave the training heavy and leave the diet 90% what it is. The only changes I would make are to be religiously strict with low/trace carbs after 6pm and drop dairy 6 weeks out. Let the cardio take off your body fat!
    I have ceased to believe in the traditional cut/bulk way of doing things as I have experienced first hand the negative side of it. I have started to implement carb cutoffs in my diet and will be soon adding some cardio to control fat while still keeping calories that will feed my body as it needs. No more muscle destroying diets thanks.

    While I want to implement DC training in the future, for the time being I am going to stick to volume training BUT I am going to follow the MWF 2 way split. I am not attempting to bastardize DC training, this is simply my way of starting to eventually phase in the style. While previously I worked out 5-6 days a week (a body part per day) and most likely over training I think the 1 exercise per body part and hitting it more frequently will give me better gains.

    I will take back up deadlifts and will try to start implementing squats, but possibly smith or some other form that doesn’t constrain my spine as much.

    In the future and when I feel ready to start DC training I would like to hire somebody from here, if there is anyone willing, and that will be ok working around my back issue.

    Pics coming soon

    Thanks for reading!

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      Great progress with all things considered

      Maybe stick with the leg press to avoid all the pressure on your spine?

      Good luck with everything
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        I second the leg press and welcome to intense muscle. We got a rough group but we wont lead you astray.
        :kewlpics:You are correct, Dante did in fact take my avatar pic. lol


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          Like sooo many you under estimate your BF% ..lets see 184 at 10% means you have 18.4 lbs of fat ( and a six pack BTW ) .so get up on stage a pose RIPPED is 5% if you lost 9 lbs you would have been 5% and striated on your jaws ..
          If your condition was anything like your present photos ...think along the line of 18% ...yes 18% ...not a misprint
          look at my avatar .. I am not 10% in that ...( nor am I now LOL )

          Anyway ..keep reading ..learning and growing does not happen over night for 99.99% of us ( have been lifting 32 years ..and sure has hell wish I was bigger and more cut )
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