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rep speed?

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  • rep speed?

    so dc said 5 or 7 second speed for negitives. And everyone says watch the videos of all the dc trainees. But I have yet to see one who applies this rule. They do a acontrolled negitive but its on average 3 seconds to 4 seconds.

    insight? Who does what here and what's rly the best way

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      what's rly the best way
      Originally posted by Taurus View Post
      They do a acontrolled negitive.
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        Originally posted by Taurus View Post
        ... Who does what here and what's rly the best way
        9.25 seconds exactly... get a stop watch.

        seriously, this has been discussed thoroughly.

        Personally I think if you are able to count the seconds of the actual negative you are focusing on the wrong thing. Just control it to the point where if you had to, you could smoothly reverse direction and press the weight back up.


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          The principle as I understand is to make the set as tough as physically (not mentally) possible, for me - positive in 2 seconds or so and negative in 6 seconds or so, with failure on the last negative, with the odd static.

          Does it have to be any more complicated???


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            well not trying to make it over complicated. Just 3 to 7 seconds differance is a huge differance. So was wondering if dc literally wanted a super long negitive or if just controlled was fine. That's what was the confusing part.

            positive explosive or like someone said make positive slower sometimes ?


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