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    I have a problem, and maybe you guys can help (especially you big dogs). I have been dealing with minor to moderate lower back pain for a while now. The pain is constant and gets aggravated after a workout to the point the lumbar and thoracic area of my back is tight and on fire. I have been doing DC for about 1 year give or take and my sessions have become fairly uncomfortable due to the back pain. I ran into this PL dude at my gym and struck up a conversation. Turns out he is a local chiropractor. After hearing of my back pain he told me to come by his office and I did. He diagnosed me with lower crossed syndrome and said it’s caused by weak Ab muscles and tight muscles in the hams and glutes. This has apparently caused the lumbar vertebrae to rotate, my pelvis to slant due to the compensatory muscles tightening and has created an exaggerated curvature of the spine. He also said with the extra muscle weight on my 5’4 frame and the fact that my quads are way larger and stronger than my hams makes things worse. I have added increased ab training but my main question is this; how can I bring my hams up quickly and safely while doing DC? Can I add extra sets to my hams, or take a new approach to ham training? How about backing off the quad training until my hams catch up? Right now I have seated leg curls 15-30RP, sumo press 15-30SS and stiff legged dead lift 10-12SS SLDL really aggravates things as well. I would prefer to continue training DC style, but will do what it takes to get my back better. Thanks guys!

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    You could back off on the quad training to allow the hams to catch up strength wise, also the stretching he should have gave you will really help.
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      I have been adjusted a few times and have been stretching more, which seems to help some. From what I understand this is correctable. Obviously I would like to get this under control ASAP. I think if I can bring my Hams and Abs stronger this will go away…I hope. Thanks for your comment.


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        This same thing happened to me back in 2008. Keep getting adjusted once a month after he is happy with your results. KEEP THOSE HAMS STRETCHED EVERYDAY! I ended up spraining my back doing heavy shrugs and had to take 2 weeks off work to heal. Crawling to the toilet, couldnt stand up for the life of me. Go to the doctor and get some anti inflammitory roids. Limit lower back stress exercises to 1X a week. I feel your pain.
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          Does your gym have a reverse hyper? Probably not. This is by far and away the best hamstring/posterior chain movement...especially for you. Here is an option if you do not have one. I would recommend 1 set of 20 after squats and deads...

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            we are just fabricating this machine.
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              Man, I wish my gym had a machine like that. I'm gonna try out the poor man's reverse hyper though, looks interesting.
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