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    Originally posted by steel1970 View Post
    Like someone else mentioned, any Hammer chest press machine, some other reg chest machines that you can progress on (not peck deck) another incline movement, you only know of 3 exercises for your chest? Look around the gym and pick a pressing movement you feel you can progress on, its not that hard bro. Every gym just about has at least ONE Hammer chest press or other decent machine...pick one and get to it...
    It isn't the problem of not knowing enough exercises or not having the machines, I just dont see the point of going from incline BB to incline hammer when I could go from incline BB to decline BB.

    The movements are so similar that I don't see them as 2 completely different things.

    That is why I am asking for ideas. It isn't that I don't know enough exercises to fill my list, it is that I want ideas that maybe I haven't thought of.

    That is why I only had 2 shoulder exercises, hell I couldve had all 3 filled up, but because I asked I got a better exercise (push press) than what I would've had otherwise.


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      You mean to tell me that you think incline barbell and incline smith or incline dumbell are too similar to have in the same blast? Or incline or decline Hammer? If that's the case, then 75% of people doing DC are doing it wrong. Look thru some guys' journals and see if you see 2 incline movements. Close grip bench and rev grip bench are similar, but a lot of people do them in a blast. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as you can continue to progress, and do it safely. It seems like you are trying to hit your muscles from different "angles", and that isn't movements that you can do big weight on and progress...if you are doing all incline movements, it may not seem ideal to you, but it is more ideal than a fly or cable shit...I'm not trying to argue with you, but you just seem like you are hell bent on the cables or flies...look at Lock's journal or Sammich's or Fade's if he has workouts posted. I'm sure you will find some layout that works...



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        I dont want to seem mean, but I agree with Steel. I think you are over thinking and worrying too much about "angles".. Just move the weight, progress, eat, etc. KIS, I'll leave out the second S, but really, think about the purpose of DC. To get big. And strong. Do you think you will get bigger going from 50 to 80 lb dumbbell flyes, or from Hammer Strength press starting with 3 and going to 5 plates per side? Or from doing Smith Incline, going from 225 to 315 for RP of 11-15? If you can get there you will have a chest that looks like it..


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          It's just me being uncomfortable with them both being incline. I have preached against high volume exercises for the sake of hitting the muscle group from all angles possible in other forums...yet when it comes down to it, I kind of do want that 1 different angle.

          I mean different angles makes more sense with low volume than it does with high volume in my eyes. You are doing such a low volume that you would want to work the muscle as differently as possible each workout, right?

          And I know I am wayyyyy overthinking it, it's a bad habit of mine, so don't worry about it. You aren't being mean. I overthink everything. But lol I think it's time for me to just shut up and take the advice lol. I asked for advice and I got it, so idk why I'm still debating.
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