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    Sup guys me and my lifting partner started DC about 12 weeks ago. 1st blast was more gettin used to the negatives, excercises etc. cruise was basically just R&R now we are in the 2nd blast and i have to say my body is LOVIN IT!!!

    Right now its like im flyin through the weights, I'm moving up weight usually every 2 times i do an exercise. I havn't had much luck with lifting programs but this program is the TRUTH.

    Just wondering on any cautionary advice, or just lift have at it til you hit the wall?? any and all feedback is more than welcome....even if a few wana crack on the

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    lift hard until you are ready to cruise.

    read and reread all the info in the board and print them out to to reread before a lifting day. so much valuable info and inspirational truths to be had here.


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      One of my main priorities is injury prevention. Keep that in mind at all times. It's great moving up in weights every workout, but be sure to do its safely. The whole goal here is progression. You can't progress while your sitting out with an injury. A buddy of mine just tore bicep/tendon in arm. Sounded like a branch breaking. Don't let it happen to you. Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up. Don't jump into your work set prematurely. I also use wrist wraps, elbow wraps, knee wraps, a belt, whatever it takes to keep me healthy so I can continue training. And don't forget to stretch. Good luck!
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        I'm newer yet... I'm in my second week and I feel the better than i ever have. I'm not getting doms, yet I feel more exhausted after working out than ever before.
        I am exceptionally pleased with the program and my progress to date. I'm just trying to dial in diet and cardio...
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          I'm with you. This is also my second week and I've never had more of a desire to get into the gym then I do now.