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    hes kidding dude
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      Originally posted by trinitymuscle
      an i hope you are kidding even more. no one in their right mind would say it's "HARDCORE" nor would anyone believe it. even if he did have a six pack. also, i don't think sears even sells that.

      i can't see him being serious about that statement.

      it has to be in the same tone as the rest of the thread.
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      Best thread ever!!


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        he is kidding if ya have ever read any of his threads (Rocks that is)
        he talked abiout guys in the gym being small and trying to tell ya how to work out,lol which is kinda funny. that reminded me the guy who is the manager and head trainer at the local gold here is twig like maybe 150 lbs tops. probably less. Come to think of it thats the first time i can remember a gym manager being a twig usually they are either big and fat or pretty freaking big from actually trying to be a product of there equipment. anyways rambling.
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          well thats what i figured. the problem is that i have posted on a couple of threads that i and others thought were stupid. so i was still in that mindset and sort of forgot that this whole thread was a joke. for some reason i took it seriously. my bad.
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            haha its all good there have been quit a few of those threads started lately. kinda sad cause they muck up the good threads. I think eventually once we answer enough of these then they can chip in and help answer when the next group of newbies come in.
            I hope thats not too soon and besides it does seem that the influx has died down a lil. Most that aren't dedicated and are looking for the new quick fix for 6 weeks won't stick around anyways.
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              Originally posted by TechN9ne
              I really dont see this thread helping anyone. I am not trying to be a jerk or anyhting, but I just dont understand the point. Yes, there are lots of dumb people (obviously) and they will make mistakes. Either ignore them and let them learn on their own, or help them. But certainly dont think you are cool by mocking them.

              The part about being 17 and training for 5 years and it actually only adding up to 1 with time off is kind of ridiculous. I am a senior in high school and have been "training" since 8th grade. 8th and 9th grade I was doing the shit most people start doing. 30 rep curls with 15 lb DBs. But I was also reading a lot about the sport. Middle of sophomore year I started doing DC. I just started my senior year about a week ago. So that would mean I would have been doing DC for 3 semesters (18 weeks each) plus two summers (bout 2.5 months each or so). So that would add up to around a year and a half or so. Say a year and 8 months with breaks and such. But have I been doing DC that whole time? Nope. It is hard to put bodybuilding at the top of my things to do list while being homeless for a summer. It is also hard to incorperate it when doing both track and lacrosse in the same season. Not saying I didnt screw up at all during that time. But there are definitely other factors besides laziness. Now, that being said, you may as well make fun of me. I am sure you would feel a lot better about yourself and make your friends laugh at the same time (everyone wins!!!). Dont forget to make fun of me reading cycles for pennies multiple times. Also, please continue to stereotype teens as being ignorant and lazy. Thanks.

              Looks like I struck a raw nerve with you.

              Does the following quote from Dante ring any bells?

              "This post is going to make me look like an ass--so be it. Im seeing posts in this forum that are seriously alarming me here and if it pisses you off what im saying, well welcome to the freaking wake up call! My methods arent for the weekend quarterback and they sure arent for the beginning lifter, they never have and never will be. This is for hardcore bodybuilders ONLY, lets get that straight right here and now. Im seeing posts in here about, "well I cant play basketball and I cant rockclimb if I do deadlifts on thursdays and I dont want to use wrist straps because"..... WELL THAT SUCKS----PICK ONE OR THE OTHER HERE THEN!!!!! BECAUSE MY METHODS ARE ABOUT MAKING SOMEONE A BODYBUILDER THE FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE. My methods arent out there so you can be a hybrid bodybuilder/tennis player. Thats what mens health and muscle and fitness is for! This is about extremes and limits and if you can run around jumping and playing full court basketball, there is no doubt in my mind that you dont have a clue how hard we are training legs here.... Do you want to be a rock climber or do you want to be a bodybuilder? Because my methods are 100% made to get you on the fasttrack in bodybuilding. If your worried about your hamstrings being sore so you cant play handball every tues and thurs nite, then your in the wrong fucking forum! IM sorry but these things dont mix well. Just like if I wanted to become a wordclass 50m swimmer, you wouldnt see me eating and training like a superheavyweight powerlifter. This isnt for weekend warriors and i dont want it to be--this is serious stuff--extremes. So if your goals arent to be the best bodybuilder your genetics will allow, your in the wrong place readingwise and doing the wrong thing trainingwise.
              Second of all--there is starting to be a proliferation of 16-20 year olds jumping on this bandwagon. Now there are some 20 year olds that have their head on straight with this (very rare) but when I start seeing posts about run of the mill basic Flex magazine crap (squatting low is bad for your knees and other crap) then there is a big problem. Whats next--the body can only assimilate 25 grams of protein a meal? eating according to the food pyramid? blue ball core training? I dont want to see a dumbing down of this forum--this is for advanced lifters who already know the basics and have been thru them. You have seen Massive G say this a million times and IM going to reiterate this. THIS IS NOT FOR ANYONE THAT HASNT BEEN LIFTING FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS. Can any 30 year old in this forum say to me that he is less hardcore and can drum up less intensity than he did when he was 18 years old? Because I can crank it out about 4 times as hard now, and I know you guys can too. I roll my eyes every single time I see a 16-20 year old telling everyone how "hardcore" and "balls to the wall" they are. Unless your Usmuscle who is an old man in bodybuilding years compared to his real age, trust me you havent got a clue in the world. A set of 8 that you do at 18 years old (that you thought you were the "man" doing) can probably be grinded out for 13 reps at 30 years old.... even if the strength is the same, because you develop a serious brutal fortitude with age. If you have been lifting 5 years steady with flat biceps genetically, and still think that if you bomb concentration curls you will somehow magically 'all of a sudden' develop a Colemanesque peak, your in the wrong damn forum."
              "This sport is about extremes - using weights you havent used previously, taking in amounts of food to build greater muscle mass-in amounts you never have done previously, & doing the cardio to keep you at an acceptable offseason training bodyfat that keeps you happy." Dante

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