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2 beginner questions on stretching and wrist wraps

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  • 2 beginner questions on stretching and wrist wraps

    Hi everybody,

    Hope you're all well. Just started my first couple weeks of DC training and came across 2 practical issues:

    1. I know that stretches are supposed to be done after the respective muscle has been trained. But for example on one of my upper days I first do DB bench for chest and close grip barbell bench for triceps later in the workout. If I stretch my chest after the initial chest movement that negatively impacts performance of the triceps exercise. Better to do the chest stretch after the triceps exercise? Similar concern for stretching the lats before doing the back thickness exercises.

    2. I tend to wrap my wrist wraps quite tightly for pushing movements. I noticed that with the drawn-out RP sets on the second RP set or so my forearms have such a massive pump because of the blood flow restriction that it actually messes with my grip enough to make pushing exercises quite unstable. Unwrapping them and then rewrapping takes too long in the 20-30s between sets. Any tips on that? Could obviously just go without wraps but not ideal.

    Would be really interested in hearing your thoughts on those. Much appreciated!


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    I like to stretch chest, shoulders and triceps each right after their respective sets. As for back, I stretch it when I'm done with all sets for that muscle group. Just my own personal preference.