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Stalling on most pressing movements

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  • Stalling on most pressing movements

    Hi guys,

    I have been training rep pause style for atleast 10 months now.

    Initially, I made changes to DC’s template and was doing my own version with higher volume and added widowmakers.

    I have now switched over to the strict DC 2 Way Split M-W-F because rest is becoming very important. Before the change while I was feeling physically recovered from my previous higher volume every workout, my CNS was getting fried and never fully recovering. I was feeling tired all the time even though my strength and size were increasing. I’ve gone from 155lbs to 180lbs now at a height of 5’5.

    But after switching to the 2 Way and continuing the strength and gains train, most of my pushing movements have stalled while my pulling movements keep moving tremendously up.

    here’s my current split:

    Barbell Bench Press (stall, down 15%+)
    Standing Barbell Press (stall)
    Floor Skullcrushers
    Weighted Chin Ups
    Barbell Row

    Barbell Curls
    Reverse Curls
    Leg Press Calves
    Back Squat
    Sumo Deads

    Incline Barbell Press (stall, down 15%+)
    Seated Barbell Press (stall)
    Weighted Tricep Dips
    Weighted Pull Ups
    T bar Rows

    Preacher Curls
    Hammer Curls
    Seated Calf Raise
    Front Squats
    Romanian Deadlifts

    Incline Chest Machine Press (stall)
    Seated Shoulder Machine Press (stall)
    Tricep Dip Machine
    HS Lat Pulldown Machine
    HS Seated Row Machine

    Bicep Curl Machine
    Wrist Curls / Grip Strength
    Standing Calf Raise Machine
    Leg Press

    So basically, I’m stalling on chest and shoulder exercises heavily.

    I’m not sure what to do from here even after taking multiple breaks and resting. My pulling exercises and legs keep progressing otherwise.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Address where you are missing in the movements and why

    ….in example is it a tricep weakness? If so maybe the other movements you’re doing for triceps are not Suitable at building your pressing.

    maybe swap out the floor skull crusher for something else , weighted dips swap out

    upper back weakness/ lats change out the weighted chins for something that’s going to carry over to your pressing movements better . Swap out the barbell row

    shoulder weakness?? Maybe the barbell ohp work is not carrying over to your main pressing compound, they do not do much for mine. Maybe a high incline, high incline close grip, neutral over head or log press would have a better carry over?

    Long story short I think your accessories movements need to change this is assuming (and this is most important) that you have honestly assessed your technique in the movements

    if changing your supplement movements and accessories movements doesn’t seem to help. Rotate out the main movements for something you can progress in again and come back to them down the road

    Hope this helps


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      I do almost all my presses in the smith machine. Way easier to progress and safer too.

      for shoulder movements, you can try a bb upright row or a machine side raise. Both in higher repranges.

      have you had a deload? Maybe it can help you.


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        Sounds like it’s time to change the exercises. If you stall 2 weeks in a row change them then after a few rotations put them back in.