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Leg day woes;

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  • Leg day woes;

    First time post, so hope everyone is having a great weekend!

    so my split is;

    and it’s a 9-10(or more) load set
    followed by a back off set - JP style

    since the gyms reopened here in the UK I’ve been chasing a 200kg hack squat (400lbs for the US guys).

    each week, each session I’ve been beating the log book, last leg session I got 192kg.

    so today, it was the 200kg hack.

    it was mine for the taking, I was nicely warmed up


    i couldn’t get past 160(352lbs) I was gutted.

    so, with that being in mind, what do you guys do when you just can’t beat the log book in terms of how you then programm the rest of the session?

    I switched to a leg press and did a normal session, RP style

    then finished with window maker hacks instead

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    First off, 200 kg is 440 lbs for you non-US guys......haha, just messing with you.
    For me, I need to not beat the log book two times before I think about switching. Sometimes it's just a bad day. I wouldn't sweat it just yet.
    It's difficult to work out too hard, it's easy to work out too long.............


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      Yeah, I know

      but after building upto it and smashing out leg days getting to this weight and then not getting it

      very annoying.

      theres always next leg day


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        This happened to me two leg days ago. I took 4 plates and 1 quarter on the hack for 20 reps. So the next time hacks came around I was feeing excited to shoot for 5 plates for 12-15. First couple of warm up sets felt great. Then I start my first working set with a mere 4 plates per side and it buries me at 12 reps. I instantly get pissed reset and try again. This time I am finished at 8. I was really upset all day and into the next. But who knows why that happened and frankly, who cares. Just remember to approach each set with gratitude we don't HAVE to lift weights we GET to. That aside., you bet your ass when hacks come around again I will be ready. Stay frosty man.