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    tI am following a basic strength program (jiw wendller 5/3/1). I

    Is it necessary to feel the chest in the bench press. I do feel it more in my shcoulders. When I do stop a couple of inches before barbell hithig chest, i do feel it in my chest.Should I deload to fix my form or keep adding weight. Should I lift full rom?

    Am I overanalysing?

    lots of questions; thx
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    I wouldn't advise attempting to "feel" muscles working on heavy sets of 1-5 rep neural work with big compound movements. On those, just focus on getting the weight increases with good form.

    Now for my tips on feeling the chest... for your assistance/hypertrophy work after your benching on 5/3/1.
    1) Use a pre-activation exercise.
    2) Use a false grip when safe to do so. (don't wrap the thumbs)
    3) Use dumbbells and machines.
    4) Possibly incorporate paused reps as a modality on some lifts.


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      Yes, what Hartley said, I agree. lol
      Question is, are you a bodybuilder? If so, that rep range isn't optimal for your goals.
      There isn't enough time under tension to feel it. Assuming you are using the typical cadence for using max weight in the rep range. Stopping short of touching your chest is not a bad idea when it comes to preventing injury of your shoulders.
      I don't feel like barbell bench press is the best exercise for chest anyway. Dumbell presses for flat and incline I think will serve better along with dips. The exception would be the decline bench, a bar is optimal for that.
      You haven't given your age either, that is important if you want full feedback on your current training routine and goals.
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        I think both Hartley and Doug have given you solid advice here. I think Doug's question of what your goals are is important. If you are simply looking to push more weight then "feeling" the chest while benching isn't as important. If you want to build as much muscle tissue as possible, you will have to optimize your form and understand that there is a difference between lifting a weight and "using" a weight. BIG differences in form between bodybuilding and simply looking to increase strength.


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