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Awaiting the next Auction-palooza

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  • Awaiting the next Auction-palooza

    Since I know you guys are busy as hell.
    And we all know that when you get really busy, mistakes are bound to happen.
    We are all awaiting the next auction-palooza to start the new year with plenty of protein.
    Especially if you screw up on, say:
    20% Whey Conc
    20% Calc Cas
    20% egg wht
    20% malto
    5% MCT
    5% Glut pep
    5% BCAA's
    5% Taurine
    with vitamin mix, aminogen, extra strawberry flav, and aspartame

    but don't let me give you any ideas
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    Obesity related illness will account for more than 1/2 of all health care costs in the next few years.
    So why is the damn government waging war on the FITNESS Industry??
    "Before you criticize someone, try walking a mile in their shoes.
    Because, then you're a mile away, AND you've got their shoes"