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  • loving life right now

    What's up yall, I havn't been posting much but that doesn't mean I havn't been pounding on the food and the weights DC style.

    So after my gyno surgory there was about 5 weeks or so where I basically did nothing. At that point, I started to train heavy again and what a suprise, DC does it again.

    It's been about 6 weeks since I started back to training and I have gained about 15-17 pounds, and my weights are the highest they have ever been. I know I have gained a little bodyfat, but barely enough to equate for a 17lb increase. I have been amazed at how bad I have been destroying the log book, I fuckin love it... easily noticable size increase in the mirror as well.

    The past 6 weeks I have also been eating everything in site, making sure protein is high, and somewhat watching carbs but not being too strict on carb cut off. If I had been more strict with diet I probably wouldn't have gained any BF at all.

    Just thought I'd share because i'm excited.. never been this big or strong before sitting at 6'3 290lbs. Dante you float my boat, thanks for sharing such a wonderful program with all of us... you the man.

    300lbs here I come,

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    congrats james
    :showoff: Pain is weakness leaving the body – and strength training is the antidote. :showoff:

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      HOW was the sujury ? painful ? did your ins cover any of it ?
      some where between heaven and hell


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        Surgory went great as far as I'm concerned. I used Dr. Silverman out of Boston, he is truly a stand up guy.

        Surgory itself took about an hour to an hour and a half, and I was in the recovery room for about 4-5 hours. I react to anasthesia worse than most people though, and some might have been out quicker than me. Over the first month... the nipples changed alot. Were very flat at first, awkard looking... then the right one started to swell some... they got a bit puffy, but now it's been almost 3 months and they are have healed up nice and are looking great. Right one is still a touch puffy but he says that will go away soon enough.

        I had to wear a compression vest for 1 week after the surgory which was quite uncomfortable. After the first week he let me switch to under armour which was great.

        I'm very happy with the results, my chest looks completely different now and is proportional with the rest of my body.

        The pain really wasn't bad at all... just like an aching pain sometimes, just popped a few percs and things were great. In reality I wouldn't even have needed the painkillers though.

        Insurance did not cover it... there have been cases where it has... but very rarely and I didn't feel it was even worth putting up a fight.

        The consultation was free, and after all was said and done the total cost equalled about 4700$.

        Hope this info helped anyone thinking about getting it done...


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          Damn james that is expensive I paid less than half that for my surgery. I thought the pain was minimal and I did not even take pain killers. It was no worse than the soreness from a workout. I was back training hard at the gym in less than 2 weeks.
          I do not condone the use of anabolic steroids or any illegal drug, any information discussed is for educational purposes only.

          "Every goal has a price if you are willing to pay it"


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            I checked a bunch of different plastic surgons in the area and he seemed to be the best at a reasonable price compared to others. I also got good feedback from people who had gone through him to have the procedure done.

            You get yours done through a PS BigP?

            The pain really was minimal and I only took the PK's because they were fun at the time.

            Less than two weeks back to training? I can't even imagine that... I still had shit for ROM at that point. Did you have a lot of excission done? He took out a bunch of gland in addition to lypo and recommened I not train chest for 4 weeks... which I wouldn't have wanted to anyway to let it heal.

            It definately wasn't cheap... but I just needed to get rid of it because it was really starting to affect my quality of life.