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really weird.

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  • really weird.

    here is what happened to me today:

    as im lifting tricepts today i noticed my strenght went up dramatically...i know we are supposed to increase either weight or rep number by a lil every week, but for some reason, today my strenght on tricepts just sky rocket.
    everything went up but only by a litle like it should be, except for this normal? do u guys ever had 1 day on a specific exercise that u completelly destroyed the log book?

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    Yeah, it happens. Especially if you are just getting started. Thats awesome that you made a huge jump on triceps.

    Not everything is going to go up at exactly the same rate. My back is very strong and I made huge jumps in weight in the beginning and continue to steadily increase. My shoulders are not very strong and while I beat the logbook not by the same margin as I do with back.

    Dont be afraid to challenge yourself with very heavy weights. With good form and with safety in mind, of course. You might just surprise yourself.

    Dont ever be worried if you make a huge jump in weight. Be worried if you dont :grumpy:
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      C'mon man, it's TRICEPS.


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        triceps are cool. i dont understand what is so alarming about weight jumps.

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          thanks guys...nothing really is alarming...i just though it was weird...i keep a strict form and con trolled my negative with a 5 sec eccentric phase...i though i had misswriten the log book last week
          i just wanted to know if anyone else had experience this before


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            J6, Listen to what the little guy Goll said, some things move up quickly while others can somewhat lag, no one is the same when it comes to increasing weights...
            "That damn log book"

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              ok now i know...i just figuered everything would go up at the same rate, but now i know it doesnt.


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                Yeah, my Decline Bench skyrockets everytime I do it. Except for I know why... *Points at In-Human*. Thanks man. haha

                In a matter of 3 rotations it went from 295 to 335 for use on RP.
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