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    Hey guys. My current chest exercises are flat bb bench, incline hammer press, incline db flys. I didn't increase on the flat bb bench last week so I need to switch to a new chest exercise today. My goal is to add mass. I don't want to switch to an isolation movement. But I can't think of any other compound movements for chest. I don't want to do flat db presses b/c I find dumbbells too overloading doing rest paused sets. I thought about incline bb press, but the incline hammer press would be too similar to use both. Any ideas??

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    Do you have a smith machine were you workout?
    You can do decline smiths. Incline smiths. Even flat smiths if you wanna do them...
    And whats that whit the flyes? Better use a compound press movement for chest, if mass is your goal, save the flyes for extreem stretches is what i guess.
    You can also use a seated bench press machine, plenty of options if you tell me.


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      IMO you need to read just a little more. We don't really recommend flat bb bench for many reasons, and we sometimes don't rest pause DBs anyway because of the safety factor. If you DO decide to rest pause them (and the weight is not too taxing to kick up), then you may do them in the 15-30RP range. As for compound movements, pretty much anything goes...

      Incline Smith, BB, DB
      Decline Smith, BB, DB
      Flat Smith, DB
      Any chest press type machine
      Power Flyes - This is a new one I was not aware of until Dante described it. What you do is you turn the pec deck into a power movement. Find one that has the flat pads rather than the cylindrical ones. You'd position your hands on the pads (find what position works best for you, it will take a few tries to get your groove) and make it a pressing movement.


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        Originally posted by JdJuicer
        I thought about incline bb press, but the incline hammer press would be too similar to use both. Any ideas??
        nothing wrong with that, they're not to similar.
        each day is an opportunity to move you closer to your goals.

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          Thanks fellas. I decided to go with incline smith presses. Sorry for the basic question, you're right, I do need to read more. I just haven't had the time to do much research here. I'm not making excuses. I'll get to it, one of these days. Thanks again.