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  • A favor I must ask of you guys

    I find myself growing very unhappy by the influx of guys who are jumping on the bandwagon with this. I know i have no control of this but it is so disgruntling to me to see a huge amount of guys 140-200lbs saying "im going to try DC training for the next month to see if it works"......huh the next month? Some of the guys in this forum have been training for over 10-20 years for the size they have gotten! These same guys at could be on the most precise incredible training routine handed down from god himself and 95% of them would read something in Flex magazine and jump to that routine because "it just might be better" THAT IS NOT AT ALL - WHO I WANT DOING MY METHODS, not in the least. This is for people who have thought this stuff all out and what I have typed out makes the most sense to them and they are going to hammer this out for the next 6 months to infinity. Now i know some of you here are from and i read your posts on there and here and I realize you have your head together, Im not putting you down.....its the threads I read over there that make me groan to no end. This stuff is not for the overanalyzers and the newbies. They have to go thru that growing process alot of people have to go thru which is "obsessive compulsive training"--doing 4-5 exercises and huge amounts of sets for bodyparts (especially for chest and arms) until they finally realize thats getting it done for the genetically elite who would grow from taking out the trash bags, but not getting it done for them. Alot of people have to get that crap out of their system first before they can do my methods or they are always wondering..........The absolute best people I train and best responders are the people that have tried different ways of training so they know the deal already and they kind of give in and say "Im going to do everything this guy Dante says, why not, its not happening the way Ive been doing lets give it a shot"......there are others on this board that train people, Massive G, Inhuman, USmuscle, Skip, Homon, etc etc and I bet if you asked them who its easier to train, -a newbie (who is always wondering about what that other guy or what flex magazine is doing)- or an advanced lifter, I bet almost to a man they will say the advanced lifter. So the favor Im asking is--if you see one of these guys online, dont feed my methods down his throat ok, because he is going to take offence and most of all he has to kind of come to it on his own, after he gets all the curiousity about all the varied ways to train out of his system
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    Hey Dante,
    I'm a member of and have been for the past year. I've been training for just over a year and a half. (I know, you say that you should train for several years before doing DC) I had done high volume (lift till you can't lift anymore) because I was uneducated. I read everything I could get my hands on and decided to stop training my friends way.
    In the first year I gained 30lbs. Then, over the next 7 months I didn't gain anything, my lifts were the same, my bodyweight only fluctuated when I gained or lost fat. I was fet up and needed something that would work. I read up on several different training styles and eventually decided on yours because it had such good detail, people were making great gains on it, and it was completely different than what I had been doing. :rocker:
    Starting out, I knew that if I didn't make gains from it, it would be that I wasn't doing it right or I wasn't ready. I had no doubt that it worked for others.
    I'm happy to say that after only one blast (even being sick for a week during that blast) ALL of my lifts have gone up. I'm cruising now but I can't wait to get back in there and anhilate the log book. You're training style has completely added that eagerness and motivation back into lifting. No, not cause it's new to me, but because it's delivering results. :showoff:
    I am incredibly thankful for the information you've given out on IM. In one of the most recent DC bashing threads, I stated some of my gains in your defense. If you'd like me not to say anything at all when I see another thread like that, I'd gladly oblige. I'll do anything that you ask, the only thing I won't do is go back to training like a Flex Magazine Noob.
    Thanks again,


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      Dante, I don't even post in regards to DC training anymore. I'm not going to bother with most of the guys on there that doubt the training methods. They are the kind of people where no matter how much substantiation you have for your argument, they refuse to believe you. The usual response when I've made my point is, "Well if ur SOO uber huge and no so much then wur r ur pics, LOLzerS!". They are kind of like terrorists, idiots that should not be/can not be negotiated with. You have the stray ones that are mature enough IMO to handle this training (FFactory, I don't think he was referring to you when he was talking about idiots), and there definitely some others (JnJ, I know for a fact there are more but those are the only ones that really pop into my head). Whenever there is a DC related thread, well one that I run across anyway (I rarely visit some forums on, then I PM Lost Prophet and have them deleted or closed. I just don't discuss it anymore. I constantly get people PMing me asking about it (I changed my AIM name because so many people were bothering me) and I usually just turn them away.

      I haven't trained anyone from there DC style yet. There are only a few there that I train period (I have a few more pending because they all seem to conveniently have money problems when I ask for all the money up front). I turn about 75% of people away. Namely the ones that are so stupid that they add me to their MSN list even when I SPECIFICALLY state for them not to. I refuse to train people that are that stupid. I made the mistake of putting my AIM name in my signature over there before and I stated please do not IM me if you are only going to 'ask me a few questions' or if you are not interested in training. I'd still get about 20 people a day, "Can I just ask you some questions?". NO, DUMBASS! *BLOCK*. GODDAMNIT HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET?!? Anyways, I totally understand where you're coming from and I think you should sent a PM to the mods now that if they see a DC thread, lock it, delete it, whatever. I'll try and keep my eye out...


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        i think that is what is so hard about this good 'ol commmon sense, and of course Dantes painstaking research, but its almost too good to be true as well. i have no idea how i have came across this routine (bordom on nite shifts!) and just always looking for new boards.... so for two nites i reaed and read, printed and re-read, and thought.................this i can do!!! and a spark as been relit and so far i love it.... some make fun saying Mr. HIT" but as long as i keep throwing 20lbs per excercise for the next little while....we'll see whos laughing!


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          Don't sweat it DC. I know it sucks to have your methods misused and must feel like the sound of nails on a chalkboard! But, you have a HUGE following from a lot of places and by a lot of people. You have a home here and there will always be people who just do not and will not ever get it! Shrug em off and move on. Your program has taken me from 205lbs to 230lbs in 3 months. Anything we can do just let us know.

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            i must say it took me about 7 months after reading the program to commit myself to it. i will share my exact thoughts. the first time i read it, i thought it was "cool" and "interesting". i said to myself, no fing way can i grow off 1 SET. I read it again about a month later and thought the same thing. I read it again, and then one more time. 3-4 times reading it, after maybe 2-3 months after reading it for the first time, i decided to try it. i did upperbody for the first workout, when i got to shoulders, i was disgusted with the fact that they were a little weaker because i did chest first(i was used to doing 1 muscle group every 7 days), so i said the hell with this program he probably does not know what he is talking about and went back to my old program. my old program worked for about a year prior to me finding this program for hte first time, i got great gains off of it, but the high volume and high intensity cought up to me. i would train high volume maxing out every set.

            so 7 months later after reading it for the first time, i was still pretty much running in place. my bench had only gone up a little bit. my shoulders were the only muscle responding and growing, that was it. so i decided to read it one more time. THe final time reading it, maybe for the 6-7nth time reading it, i concluded that this is THE MOST FUCKING LOGICAL AND TRUE THING I HAVE EVER READ. I am very thankful for this knowledge that i was lucky enought to attain and will probably do this program for the rest of my life.
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              Dante, I feel your pain.
              As a mod there, I wish there was something I could do.
              If you find somebody taking you stuff COMPLETELY out of context, claiming it's yours, and fixing to screw others up, PM me.
              I'll delete that crap.

              But it's hard to patrol a board of 90,000 members to find the idiots (an there are a LOT of them)
              I don't even talk about it over there, because half the dumbasses wouldn't understand it anyway. Hell they want to go on AAS after 6 months.
              Like I said, if there's one that really tweaks your melon, let me know.
              I appreciate the time and effort you put in here sharing your mehtods and ideas.
              They definitely fit my slow recovery to a T.
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              So why is the damn government waging war on the FITNESS Industry??
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                DC --- Id just ignore the Bullshit, and be extra selective on who you take to train...
                Oh yea, Id also not put any more info out for free.....F' em ! let them hire you to do your thing, your reputation is founded on results and precedes you....Maybe your "headaches" will go away then...
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                  Dante, I truly understand how you can be very angry about young kids jumping on your wagon.

                  I feel a bit offended even though I dont know if I should be feeling that way just because I am young but feel I like I have proved myself and been around long enough. I began 1 1/2 years ago at 155 and got up 20 lbs without Dante's help and was going to begin training but money is tight as a college student and I was making good progress from all the reading I had done. I remember sending a pic to Dante about how I had grown cutting and he mentioned I probably don't need his help hehe, that made me feel great... After that I got injured with tendonitis and was out for many many months and lost my size. Since that I have made it up to 210 rite now and I'm bigger than ever and Allen has helped me with some questions and concerns I've had about the program as I've progressed with DC training. But I truly feel I've been around just as long as some of these guys mentioned even tho I don't make my voice heard as much as they do. I'm not a big poster like Allen and others on the boards and so forth. But I been around for a while and backed Dante and his methods up with crap since day 1 and countless hating threads against his methods.
                  I think you can tell from the beginning what type of person is ready for dc...and what type of person enjoys attacking it because he's scared he is putting so much work into lifting and not making maximum gains and simply puts it down because he can't confront it as Dante has mentioned earlier.

                  It's a bitch to be bloated all day and go to the gym knowing ur going to have to rape that log book but at the end of the day it's damn great...cant put it any other way. It's sad to see all the newbies trying to do dc training over at and complain this and that doesn't work simply because they don't have the mind set right yet. I ignore most of the posts unless its attacking the methods because its pointless trying to help a kid who is on level 2 with problems he thinks he has on level 9...just doesn't work. The gradient is too steep for most of them and they don't realize it and bash the program which causes it to get a bad rep among many people--I will do my best to comply with the favor.

                  Not sure if this post has too much to do with this thread really, it just felt good writing.



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                    Maybe everyone could start saying how bad DC Training is (a lie), and then it would discourage the kids. :-p
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                      was this just bumped up from awhile ago or reposted?


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                        Originally posted by ChrisThePirate
                        was this just bumped up from awhile ago or reposted?
                        eh , ur rite , it was written the 25th.


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                          Originally posted by youi09
                          eh , ur rite , it was written the 25th.
                          i failed to realize the dates are in the top left corner

                          stupid internet text is too small


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                            I dont even bother telling people what im doing when they see me extreme stretching becasue ive explained the program to a few people and there like HUh? You cant grow on one set before they hear what it is they make there mind up So Fuck em. I mean we dont want alot of 300pd monsters walking around do we. I want to be the big FREAK in my gym so No I tell guys the only way to grow is to do 100 sets per bodypart
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                              Originally posted by bigcity
                              I tell guys the only way to grow is to do 100 sets per bodypart
                              thats a great idea I should just quit trying to explain what the hell I'm doing and tell them that....Wait their already doing that anyways....