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quick snacks!!

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  • quick snacks!!

    late at nite i have been munching on 10 breton crackers..

    just bought some sunflower seed, peanuts, both unsalted and raisons to make a trail mix......

    are these alright to snack on?

    1/2 cup trail mix too much?


    recommendations welcome

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    i snack on cashews, not the most cost efficient food though


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      so are you meaning snacks in between meals when hungry or something.

      are these alright to snack on?
      You're mixing carbs (raisins) and fats (nuts & seeds) together so that increases the risk of insulin shuttling the fat in fat stores. So if you're not prone to fat gain and have hard time gaining weight then I guess you could get away with although there are other choices I would start with first.
      each day is an opportunity to move you closer to your goals.

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        i am up for other choices!!!!!

        i will not get raisons next time, will save them for post workout!!


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          go with cottage cheese. make a huge egg white omelette. sometimes ij ust eat deli meats, like turkey or turkey pastrami with mustard on it. a protein shake, night blend, hmm.....what else, you could always just exchange all that "snacking" for one real meal. add up how much it costs for all of those ingredients and see if that doesn't net you some more lean beef, deli meats, or even some top round steak, or something of that sort.

          Also, if you are really still hungry, just boatload the veggies that late at night. you might not like them, but they like you, so eat them! LOL.


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            Snack for me is cottage cheese 80 grams per serving or a package or two of roast beef slices...I assume you are referring to at night? My snack during the day (in-Between) meals is a 50-100 gram protein shake.
            sometimes at night I'll eat a whole bag of salad after the beef to kill hunger pangs or more spinach and or broccoli steamed.

            I am not real big on Fats other than what I add to protein meals like Omega III's or Olive oil.
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