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i just did it..( a little info about my progress so far)

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  • i just did it..( a little info about my progress so far)

    Hello everybody at the Doggpound.. just want to let you now about my progress
    i dont post a lot but visit the forum everyday.
    Today was day 2 for me so biceps .forearms en legs.
    I just finished my workout en it went very well... You have to know that i finished
    my cycle 8 weeks ago en i am in my third blast right now the 6 week of it to be exactly.
    I am planning to run this blast 6 weeks so two more workouts en its cruising time for me.
    So this was the first blast for me without supersupps en i still got stronger.
    today i squated with 450 for 4 reps en 315 for 20 both records for me...
    I started my first blast with 275 for 8 reps en 220 for 20 so a pretty good progress so far..
    Its the same with the other exercises so..i am one happy bodybuilder..
    i weigh 265 right now en only lost 5 pounds after my cycle.
    I just wanna say thanks for all the great info that everybody puts on this side everyday it really helped me a lott..thanks everybody.

    ps what do you guys do after a cycle just blast or take a longer cruise? Or just start with a new a new baseline en dont look back?

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    Wow, you went frrom 275 for 8 to 315 for 20 and 450 for 4. Awesome progress cous. Way to kill the log book. :2guns:


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      JPN, Welcome to the pound and very impressive weights there, great job...
      "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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        Well done JPN... it's progress like that others need to hear about! Imagine what another few months/years will deliver!!! =O All the best, keep us all updated on your progress.
        No-one trains HARDER!!


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          Thanks guys for the replies i will keep you informed about my progress.